Henry Diltz and Pattie Boyd: Capturing the golden era of rock and roll

Harrison Crosby Stills Nash

Chances are, if you dig into your record collection, you’re already acquainted with the work of Henry Diltz. He’s shot countless album covers, including the cover of Morrison Hotel for The Doors and Crosby, Stills & Nash’s debut, and he was right there on stage with Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock.

And chances are, if you’re a fan of The Beatles or Eric Clapton, you’re well acquainted with the Pattie Boyd, the woman who drove rock and roll royalty to distraction, inspiring a multitude of classics like “Something” and “Layla.” But she’s got her own body of work, which includes photographs of the quieter, more meditative moments with her former husbands George Harrison and Eric Clapton.

Much to the delight of music lovers, Diltz and Boyd have joined forces to bring you Behind The Lens: Up Close And Personal With Photographers Pattie Boyd & Henry Diltz, an audio-visual feast celebrating the stories behind some of the most iconic and historical images defining the golden era of rock and roll. It gets underway tonight at 8 p.m. at The Kessler. Tickets are still available, but you might want to snag ’em now, because a lot of the other shows on the tour sold out in a snap, and we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that walk-up sales will be fairly brisk once the word gets out.