Concert Primer: Shakey Graves

“If you don’t know Shakey Graves’ music, the best way to fall in love with him is in a live setting…”

— NPR Music’s Bob Boilen


We couldn’t agree more, Bob. Alejandro Rose-Garcia, aka Shakey Graves, has a bluesy, acoustic, Americana sound that’s easy enough to fall for — but it is in his captivating, high-spirited live performances where you’re really going to swoon.

Obviously, we can’t wait to see the Austinite bring that energy to our KXT Holiday Concert on Sunday, December 27 at Granada Theater. Till then, we’re prepping by watching (and re-watching) our five favorite Shakey performances/sessions:


1. “Roll the Bones”

What it is: Shakey Graves performs “Roll the Bones” on Audiotree Live in 2013.

Why we love it: A gorgeous performance that shows off the Austinite’s vocals, musical dexterity and sheer multi-tasking skills.


2. “Where A Boy Once Stood”

What it is: Shakey Graves and a special guest perform “Where A Boy Once Stood” live in the Lightning 100 studio in Nashville, TN.

Why we love it: SG brings down the house — well, radio station — whilst sporting a Lana Del Ray t-shirt. What’s not to love?


3. “Late July”

What it is: SG plays a pretty sick tune in the bottom of a storm ditch on a crisp February afternoon in East Austin.

Why we love it: You wouldn’t think tunnels, trains, grassy knolls and an off-the-cuff conversation would make for an absolutely stunning musical performance. But, they do…


4. “Dearly Departed”

What it is: SG stopped by the Pandora House in Austin to play “Dearly Departed” with vocalist Esme Patterson.

Why we love it: It’s lovely. It’s charming. It’s a simple, unprocessed poolside duet. We simply can’t turn away from this one.


5. Shakey Graves: NPR Tiny Desk Concert

What it is: SG swings through the NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C. to play at a certain someone’s certain tiny desk.

Why we love it: You know what they say — the tinier the desk, the larger the show. To no one’s surprise, SG is no exception.


See you Sunday, folks!


(By the way…there’s yet ANOTHER chance for you to get down with us at the Granada Theater this week. Don’t miss KXT’s New Year’s Eve Bash with Jonathan Tyler! Click here for tickets.)