New Music Monday – October 19, 2015

Your pumpkin spice-free New Music Monday selections for October 19:

Manchester quartet The 1975 are the hands-down winners of the best album title of 2016: I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It. The first single, “Love Me,” is a little firecracker of a track – with hints of glam, synth and fierce licks that make this particular 3 minutes and 44 seconds feel more like a roller coaster ride than a song.

“Let It Drown” is the first single from the Dallas-based songwriter and performer Jonas Martin‘s upcoming sophomore album, The Color Scheme, written two years ago after the death of his father. We’re rather fond of this introspective yet hooky paean to love, loss, and finding your way in the aftermath. Single available on October 27.

Fort Worth/Mesquite duo The Foxymorons are back with their fifth full-length, with a little help from their friends from Centro-matic: Will Johnson on drums and Matt Pence at the boards. “Spinning On A Needle” puts the raw back in rawk – as do the other tracks that populate Fake Yoga. Out November 6.

Kevin Aldridge helmed Chatterton, the Fort Worth outfit known for their blues-infused heavy jams. Now he’s back with The Appraisers, releasing a single a month and limited edition CD’s, culminating in a vinyl-only full-length in late 2016. “Winner Leaves Town” is the leader of the track pack, a raucous nighttime-is-the-right-time kinda number.

“Thus Always To Tyrants” is the lush closing track on The Oh Hellos‘ new second album Dear Wormwood, indeed a loving nod to their muse this time around – C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letter. San Marcos brother-sister duo Maggie and Tyler Heath still pack in the harmonies and the obvious chemistry that make both their studio recordings and live performances memorably mind-melting.

Happy listening!