Album Release Friday

Congratulations. You made it to Friday. And in addition to two impending days of blissful relaxation, that means there’s a whole slate of brand-new albums to taste, devour, savor, etc. Here are a few of the gems dropping today that we think you might want to know about:



Garrett Borns, aka BØRNS, quite simply wow’d us at his Club Dada show last week. We’ve been crazy about his 2015 EP, Candy, but we’re hungry for more. Good thing his full-length album debut, Dopamine, is out today.

What we’re already digging: “Electric Love”

You can stream Dopamine here, via Spotify.


Son Little

We feel pretty luck to have snagged Son Little, a.k.a. Aaron Livingston, as one of our Barefoot at the Belmont headliners this past summer. His stellar performance left us counting down the days till this self-titled debut album would be released. (Of course, if you haven’t already, his EP Things I Forgot is definitely worth a listen, too.)

What we’re already digging: “The River”

You can listen to Son Little’s new album here, via NPR.


Beach House

What’s better than a new release from Beach House? TWO new releases from Beach House. This past summer, the dreamy Maryland duo released their fifth studio album, Depression Cherry. Now, just two short months later, their back with nine new tracks in Thank Your Lucky Stars — a fitting title since with extra Beach House on our plates, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

What we’re already digging (from Depression Cherry): “Bluebird”

You can stream Thank Your Lucky Stars here, via Spotify.


Josh Ritter

Singer. Songwriter. Author. Josh Ritter does it all — and with Sermon On the Rocks out today, he officially has eight studio albums under his belt. This particular gem was recorded with a four-man band in New Orleans. All we can say is this: prepare to fall in love.

What we’re already digging: “Getting Ready to Get Down”

You can listen to Sermon on the Rocks here, via NPR.

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