Q&A: Calhoun

Describing themselves as “a pop band with a pedal steel thrown in occasionally,” Fort Worth’s Calhoun is a welcome sound gracing the North Texas music scene. With just a few weeks to go till their Summer Cut performance, we thought we’d catch up with Tim Locke (Vocals, Guitar) and Jordan Roberts (Synth, Harmonium, Guitar) to chat about their music, the band  and more.


KXT: Can you tell us a little bit about how you guys got started?

Calhoun: Spring 2006 would be the most official start date. Tim was working on what we call the “Baby Blue Album” or self-titled record. His manager at the time contacted me about contributing to some of the recordings and possibly joining the band and we have been toiling away like fools in this business ever since.

KXT: How would you describe your music?

Calhoun: Full embracement of pop with zero irony and a backbone built on old country strums.

KXT: Your Facebook page describes your genre as “Totes/Profesh”. Please elaborate.

Calhoun: It’s us in summation. Totally professional. We’re not above anything and treat everyone we deal with on a day-to-day band basis with respect and promptness … except for each other.

KXT: Who are your influences?

Calhoun: Wilco. Nada Surf. Marty Robbins. The Smiths. Roy Orbison. The Raveonettes.

KXT: If you could collaborate with any musician right now, who would it be?

Calhoun: Austin Jenkins of White Denim/Leon Bridges.

KXT: How has Fort Worth/North Texas shaped your musical career?

Calhoun: Being from Texas has had an influence on our style in the sense that we were raised on old country, gospel and western swing. You may not hear it, but it’s there. The heat, too. That oppressive, relentless heat. We are inspired by and admire all of our friends around us doing their music locally and abroad, as well. It’s fun to see that stuff grow.

KXT: It’s a Saturday night…where in Fort Worth can we find you guys hanging out?

Calhoun: The Usual…or our living rooms.

KXT: What can our listeners expect to see from you at Summer Cut?

Calhoun: Hott. New. JAMS! Everyone loves songs they don’t know right?!?!?! There will be a couple new ones from our new record we are currently working on, so schedule your bathroom breaks accordingly.

Noted. Thanks, guys. Get your tickets to see Calhoun, and the rest of our stellar Summer Cut lineup, HERE. #ready4SummerCut