RSVP for KXT’s screening of Amy at the Angelika

It’s been nearly four years since Amy Winehouse left us, and her voice still stops us in our tracks. Her songs still make us feel caught in the act somehow. Even in death, La Winehouse still packs a punch. Amy, the new documentary opening next Friday, promises to be a point-blank portrait of the subject herself – candid, without pretense and, to lift the title from her debut album, frank as all get-out. Filmmaker Asif Kapadia, who helmed the BAFTA-winning documentary about the late Brazilian Formula One champion Ayrton Senna, promises to take both fans and the uninitiated beyond the beehive through Winehouse’s Salt-N-Pepa-inspired pre-fame years, the people and stories behind the songs that snagged her the coveted Ivor Novello and Grammy awards, the antics and addictions that became tabloid fodder and sadly, eclipsed her gift as one of the boldest and most talented singer-songwriters of our time.

KXT is thrilled to host a special preview screening of Amy next Tuesday, July 7 at 7:30pm at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas.

Seats are limited, so RSVP now to get your free pass!