4 things to know about Repel the Robot

Repel the Robot joins a stellar lineup for KXT’s Summer Cut on August 29 at South Side Ballroom.

You might have already heard their electronic-rock jams on KXT, but here are 4 things you need to know about the Dallas-based duo:

1. They bill themselves as “music to listen to during the robot invasion.”

In case you were wondering what to play during such an event.

2. The band’s two members, Jarrett Shaffer and Sean Trauth, met in high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Repel the Robot

Jarrett Shaffer (left) and Sean Trauth

They later moved to Dallas and formed Repel the Robot in 2013.

3. Their influences include Coldplay, Foo Fighters and MuteMath.

Naturally, their sound blends bright, lush choruses with grittier rock and electronic rhythms.

4. Their name stems from their desire to be unique, rather than controlled by outside influences.

In other words, Repel the Robot.

Click here to purchase tickets to see Repel the Robot at KXT’s Summer Cut on August 29.