Q&A: Meet Amy Miller, the newest voice on KXT

Amy MillerWe’re proud to introduce the latest addition to the KXT family.

North Texas, meet Amy Miller.

Amy has settled in as an on-air host, so odds are she’s already spun your favorite song a few times.

We thought you might like to know a little more about the newest voice of KXT, so we sat down with her to talk about her background, the local music scene and her favorite artists.

KXT: Tell us about your previous radio experience.

Amy Miller: I started in radio while I was a student at UC Santa Cruz in California and I hosted both a jazz show and indie rock show. From there I went on to work as a programming assistant at KFOG in San Francisco, where I learned a lot about radio programming and the Triple A format. I moved to Virginia in 2005 to work at The Tide (a start-up station owned in part by musician Bruce Hornsby) where I was the Program Director. I took a break from radio in 2009 to pursue my own music and tour with my band after moving to Philly. I was a DJ for a couple of years in Philly on WXPN’s now defunct Y-Rock station. I’m really excited to be back in radio and working for a station with such an amazing mix of music.

KXT: What excites you most about KXT?

Amy: First and foremost, the music. It’s also an exciting feeling to be working at a station that is still relatively new and looking to grow. The people here have been so welcoming and it just seems like a really great environment where everyone is really into the music.

KXT: What are some early impressions about the music community in North Texas?

Amy: I’m still working on getting settled here in Dallas and am really excited about checking out some of the music clubs here and in the neighboring communities. I love discovering all the local music KXT is playing and am looking forward to checking out some local bands live. Any suggestions from listeners on cool bands/venues to check out would be great! I really immersed myself in Philly’s music scene when I was living there and would love to do the same here. Any band that breaks out and has a national presence, started as a local band and it’s fun watching that growth.

KXT: What was the last concert you attended?

Amy: I checked out The Chive Fest this past weekend at Southfork Ranch and saw the John Butler Trio and Manchester Orchestra. It was a lot of fun and not too overcrowded since it was the festival’s first year.

KXT: Which band or artist is your dream interview?

Amy: Really any of my favorite artists: Pixies, Modest Mouse, Stars, Dave Grohl, Joni Mitchell