#SummerCut Band Spotlight: Iron & Wine

iron and wine

The beauty of Summer Cut is the diversity of artists.

Last week we profiled The Hold Steady, one of the more energetic rock ‘n’ roll acts in the lineup. This week we calm things down with Iron & Wine.

Samuel Beam came up with his stage name when he discovered a dietary supplement called “Beef, Iron & Wine.” Under his adopted moniker, he’s produced a slew of soft-spoken anthems over the past 10 years, many of which have been borrowed by TV and movie soundtracks.

Here are 5 of those tracks to prepare you for Iron & Wine’s set at Summer Cut:

1. “Boy with A Coin” – Official Music Video, January 2008

2.”Flightless Bird, American Mouth” – September 2007

3. “Trapeze Singer” – Other Music, New York, January 2011

4. “Naked as We Came” – Live at Aquarius Records, May 2009

5. “Tree by the River” – Sunset Sessions, April 2011


Get tickets to see Iron & Wine at Summer Cut here.