It’s the last day of the campaign!


It’s the last day.  The last day to make the KXT Summer Fundraising Campaign a success.  The last day to get that limited edition Brent Ozaeta T-shirt. Please, if you’ve not made that contribution or renewed your membership, do it today. It’s easy online or by calling 877-469-3135. Take a moment and consider where you fit in and what that’s worth to you and then make that contribution.

BIG NEWS! The Routman Family – Dan, Lizzie, Regen and Emily – have put up a $5,000 challenge to inspire listeners to end the campaign successfully! Come on KXT listeners!

Also – hey, we’re giving away another iPad today. The deadline is 6pm. (Here are the rules.) This is an earnest effort to get listeners motivated and to support public radio right here in North Texas.  Do your part and let’s make this campaign a success!

Can we count on you? Please give what you can!