John Lefler cd release!

Texas-based artist, John Lefler, has an extensive musical resume to say the least.  As the guitarist for Dashboard Confessional, John has toured for the past decade alongside an impressive solo career of his own.  Currently promoting his sophomore EP, “Shout Fire”, the followup to his previous release in 2009, “Better By Design”, Lefler has garnered notable reviews and tours regularly.  He describes his music as “rock and roll, albeit a lighter 30-something version”, and does not reject a likeness to “power pop”.  With obvious talent, an excellent sense of humor and self, and an honest ability to charm crowds, Lefler is an artist to keep on your radar.  
Albums available on cdbaby, iTunes, and Amazon
WIN TICKETS TO THE CD RELEASE PARTY ON SATURDAY NIGHT!  He’s playing that night at Sons of Hermann Hall with Salim Nourallah and Dovetail.  Ticket winners will also get Lefler’s new CD.“Shout Fire” was recorded in Los Angeles at Death Star Studios.