Meet your fellow Texans, Telegraph Canyon

Telegraph Canyon is just one of the many local bands performing at Summer Cut this Friday. Based in Fort Worth, this seven-member band has released two studio albums, toured for two weeks in Europe, and is now touring through the United States, ever since its debut in 2007.

They released their first album, All the Good News, in 2007, and then their second, The Tide and The Current, in 2009. With a multitude of band members comes a wide variety of talent and musical instrument. Various instruments used on their tracks include piano, harmonica, accordion, violin and banjo, along with basic guitar and drums. Four out of the seven members are featured vocalists and also play at least one instrument. How an individual gets a word in during conversation beats me. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are one of their many loyal fans, check them out when they journey down I-30 to Dallas for Summer Cut on June 1st.

To learn more about your fellow Texans, check out their website.

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