SXSW… In East Dallas

You can certainly follow the SXSW coverage from KXT and NPR Music on our website or by heading south to Austin…  For those still in North Texas, check out “SXSW in East Dallas” over at Bryan Street Tavern.  Great shows, great prices.  More deets on their FB page.

3/13 8- Rahim Quazi (TX), 9-Goldenboy (LA), 10-Grownup Noise (MASS), 11-Goodnight Ned (TX), 12-Grandfather (OR)

3/14 The Melismatics (MN)True Achiever (TX)

3/16 Caustic Casanova (DC) hormones (TX) Foxtrot Uniform (TX)

3/17 The Figgs (NY) The Travolta’s (TX) Locust Avenue (OK) Stereo Telescope(MASS) Casey Desmond (MASS)

$8 per show
more details to come