Check out Dallas artist Manya Repnikova

From Joe Kozera-

I apologize to my superiors. But I am going long this week.

You’re rarely going to see a true, full-fledged endorsement from me. There are very few artists that I’ve ever been crazy about.

But it’s the voice of Dallas artist Manya Repnikova that’s bewitched my ears and head. I love this video. I love this song Move Along. I’ve been talking to anyone who will listen about Manya. There’s a comment below this video on Y’tube that says, “Why isn’t she famous yet?”

When we first when on the air two years ago, one of the first local bands we ever played was Morning Elephant. This band is comprised of very talented Dallas musicians, including Clay Pendergrass, Iris Leu…and Manya. Gini and I would quietly giggle to ourselves after every back announce, “That was Morning Elephant, by Morning Elephant, on the album Morning Elephant.”

That is, until I asked Manya, “What’s that song about?” She said, ” It’s actually about the dads that leave their family to go to work to pay the bills. It’s sort of a tribute to fathers because it’s not easy to leave your kids to spend the majority of the week working …. The way many fathers turn into goofy fun characters (taking his little one on his back saying “put your halo on my head…let’s go down and see the morning elephants.” The love/bond between father and child. But also the extreme love he feels for his wife; “They’re the stars revolving ‘round a golden pearl balloon” (imagine a mama with a new baby in tummy).

It’s that line alone that made me fall in love with her songs. But it’s her voice that makes me stand still.

Manya and AM Elephant stronghold Clay Pendergrass will be playing at La Grange  December 28th.