KXT Guest DJ : Salim Nourallah

There are some things only KXT can do as a radio station in North Texas.  One of them is invite guest dj’s to share their love of music.  Thanks so much to local musician and producer Salim Nourallah for sharing some of his favorites with our audience this past Saturday.  Most of these obscure tunes are inaccessible via itunes, etc.  We’ll post links on where to buy as we are able. 

Dan Kelly – Bindi Irwin Apocalypse Jam

Faris Nourallah – I’m Falling

Binary Sunrise – 2005

Gabrielle LaPlante – You Stop Me

Billy Harvey – Desperation Mambo

Pete Doherty – I am the Rain

Sea Lion – Jean Paul

Wreckless Eric – The Crooked Beat

Justin Currie – The Way the Night Falls

Mike Gent – Paper Knives

Straw – Watching You Sleep

Fate Lions – All You Do is Crazy