The Paul Slavens Show: Oct. 3, 2010 Live Blog

Hey there,

Beautiful night, so let’s listen to some cool tunes.
New to me this week: Thao, Women, Music Emporium, Lorn

Here’s tonight’s setlist:

Billie Holiday, “Nice Work If You Can Get It,” The Complete Billie

Sparklehorse, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” It’s A Wonderful Life
Raymond Scott, “Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals,” Reckless
Nights And Turkish Twilights

Women, “Locust Valley,” Public Strain

Boxcar Bandits, “Lessons In Regret,” Smells Like Grass
Bostich/Fussible Nortec Collective, “I Count the Ways,” Bulevar 2000
Ritchie Valens, “In A Turkish Town,” The Best Of Ritchie Valens
Pixies, “Havalina,” Bossanova

Col. Bruce Hampton, “Arkansas,” Arkansas
Rolling Stones,” Cherry Oh Baby,” Black And Blue
Thao, “Bag Of Hammers,” Bag Of Hammers Single
Prokofiev, “Suggestion Diabolique Op. 4.,” No. 4 – Great
Pianists: Prokofiev


Sufjan Stevens, “Too Much,” The Age Of Adz
Mumford & Sons, “Sigh No More,” Sigh No More
Eno (featuring Cleo Gordon), “Electric River,” Endless Field Studios, Volume 1
Dolly Parton, “Lonely Comin Down,” Jolene
Sonny Rollins, “The Way You Look Tonight,” The Definitive Sonny Rollins
On Prestige, “Riverside,” And Contemporary
Nina Hagen, “T.V. Snooze,” Fearless


Shiny Around The Edges, “Barcelona,” Denton’s Dreaming
David Bowie, “Art Decade,” Low
Gram Parsons, “Grievous Angel,” Grevious Angel
Jad Fair Daniel Johnston, “First Day At Work,” It’s Spooky

Hot Chip, “We Have Love (Hot City Remix),” We Have Remixes
Music Emporium, “Velvet Sunsets (Instrumental),” Music Emporium
Lorn, “Soft Room,” Ninja Tune Xx Vol. 2
Harold Budd, “Coyote (Album Version),” The White Arcades ________________________________
Ginny Mac, “Come On Honey,” There Will Be Music, Summer 2009
Deerhunter, “Helicopter,” Halcyon Digest
Boards Of Canada, “84 Pontiac Dream,” The Campfire Headphase
Polly Maynard, “The Toothbrushing Song,” All Day Fun