Friday Special! Challenge all day!



Have you heard? KXT has a challenge in place from dedicated listeners of KXT in Dallas who have been supporting KXT since it came on the air in 2009.  Here’s the deal – KXT must raise $15,000 by 6pm today and if successful, KXT will receive an additional $2000 from this generous, anonymous couple! WOW!  UPDATE – We made the goal today!

That said, we’re offering the Friday T-shirt special. One day only. The rules are so simple:

1. Choose the Summer Fundraising Campaign T-shirt designed by Dallas artist Brent Ozaeta by itself or in a combo with a mug or poster as a thank you gift.

2. We’ll send you a mystery shirt from the KXT archives as a bonus in the shirt size you choose.  You won’t know which shirt it is until you get it! Long time listeners know we have had some amazing shirts during these fundraising campaigns.

3.  This offer is eligible by phone 877-469-3135 or web.

4. Disclaimers – offer only good for TODAY, June 7, 2013 by midnight. Sorry, can’t do a size other that what you choose for this campaign’s shirt.