Listen to Death Cab for Cutie’s new album ‘Kintsugi’

death cab

The band’s latest release comes out March 31.

First Listen Live: Interpol

Interpol - El Pintor

The New York band will perform a live preview of El Pintor, their first new album since 2010, on Tuesday night.

Future Islands Concert Webcast

Future Islands

Watch a live webcast of Future Islands’ concert in Washington, D.C. on May 1 at 8pm

Francophiles and sci-fi freaks, this one’s for you.  French electro-duo Air was commissioned to come up with the soundtrack for the newly-restored and colorized ‘Le Voyage dans la Lune’, the 1902 classic from ‘cinemagician’ Georges Méliès.  Check out NPR’s interview with Nicolas and Jean- Benoit and the history of the restoration project via the Academy of Motion […]

From NPR, First Watch: Milagres – “Halfway” (Source:

‘The Green Album’ also features My Morning Jacket, The Fray, Andrew Bird, and more.  Due out August 23 to support the upcoming Muppets movie.

Listen: Weezer, OK Go Do Muppets ‘The Green Album’

First listen on NPR

First Listen: Beirut, ‘The Rip Tide’

An interesting look at Texas blues by Nick Morrison of NPR

Five Texas Bluesmen Who Paved The Way For Stevie Ray Vaughan

From a great series where NPR asks their interns to review classic albums they have never heard before.

You’ve Never Heard Big Star’s ‘#1 Record’?! : All Songs Considered Blog : NPR