Triple Play

Thanks to all who came out last night for the Triple Play show at The Kessler Theater! People on Vacation, Little Black Dress and Andrew Tinker put on amazing shows. Stay tuned for next month’s lineup.

Why is Triple Play important?

Well kids, the final Triple Play of the season is about to go down on March 22 at The Kessler Theater.  Why is this series important?  It’s important because it’s a conscious effort to convene three distinct music centers into one night, in one venue. It’s important because it celebrates local musicians actually in the playlist on […]

tumblr_lwmulebX3Q1qb97ja Little Black Dress From Joe K. First of all, have a very Merry Whatever It Is That You Celebrate. (Mine’s Christmas!) And here is my present to you… a song that I really, really like, from a band I really, really like. Song is called “To Do With You,” and it’s brand spankin’ new; […]

Little Black Dress – Robin

Little Black Dress – Robin Little Black Dress – “Robin” Little Black Dress was formed by ex-Deep Blue Something guitarist Toby Pipes and Nolan Thies, his fellow producer at Bass Propulsion Labs. Their shoegaze sound permeates their debut disc Snow In June, which released in summer 2009. You can also see their performance in the […]

Little Black Dress

Dallas’ own Little Black Dress stopped by on Monday, November 16th to play a few of their melodic, shoegaze-influenced tunes. Nolan Thies and Toby Pipes, the founders of the band brought a stripped down version of their unique sound to KXT listeners, playing songs from their debut Snow In June that bring to mind the […]