The Paul Slavens Show:Playlist and Live Blog for February 3 2013

This is the live blog where listeners like you can give Paul music suggestions for next weeks show. Its an eclectic mix inspired mostly by these suggestions, so help create next weeks show, then listen in as you turn on everyone else to your great musical favorites.

The Paul Slavens Show: Playlist and Live Blog for January 27 2013

Each week The Paul Slavens Show offers an eclectic mix of music, mostly music suggested by listeners on the previous weeks blog. Join in the fun and make some suggestions .

The Paul Slavens Show:Playlist and Live Blog for January 20 2013

The Paul Slavens Show is an eclectic collection of music from many genres and timeperiods, The music is largely selected from listener suggestions on this blog. Jump on and give Paul some ideas for music to play and see what your fellow listeners are suggesting.

The Paul Slavens Show:Playlist and Live Blog for January 13 2013

This is the live blog for the Paul Slavens Show, this is where I find most of the music for my show, listeners contribute their music suggestions to make a truly eclectic experience.

Minus the Bear

Minus The Bear

Seattle’s Minus the Bear performed a session for NPR’s World Cafe in the KXT 91.7 studios.

The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for December 2,2012

Good evening! It sure doesn’t feel like December – but that doesn’t mean its not a beautiful night. Glad to have you along!

Photo by Gini Mascorro Photo by Amber Sladovnik Photo by Gini Mascorro So…did ya see it?  Did ya?  I hope so.  Something tells me that people will still be talking about this for months, only because it was 52 minutes of awesome with LED sprinkles on top. But yeah, KXT was on hand to air […]

John Fullbright


Oklahoma singer-songwriter John Fullbright stopped by the KXT studios to perform songs “Gawd Above” and “Moving” from his latest release, “From the Ground Up”.

Neil Halstead


A pair of lucky KXT listeners won the chance to host an intimate acoustic session with Neil Halstead inside their living room.

Charlie Mars


Mississippi singer-songwriter Charlie Mars stopped by the KXT studios to play a couple songs from his upcoming release, Blackberry Light.