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Barefoot at the Belmont recap : Jessica Lea Mayfield with Michael Donner

Great headlining set by Jessica Lea Mayfield last night!  The evening was perfect with calm weather, a great crowd and the best view of downtown Dallas, hands down. Michael Donner opened the evening.  Everyone loved his set. Remember our Winter Auction where we put up a pair of passes to the Barefoot series – but… Read more »

The contest winner for the Sound & Video contest is Perry Glaze!  Congrats on winning a pair of season passes to the 2012 Barefoot at the Belmont summer concert series!  It was truly a difficult decision.  There were several adorable and amazing videos.  Thank you to EVERYONE who submitted.  Let’s keep the momentum of the… Read more »

This year’s final Barefoot at the Belmont show is tonight and what a great way to close the season with James McMurtry! (by MusicFog) (Source: http://www.youtube.com/)

[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]renderVideo(“video_player_5226962096”,’http://kxtradio.tumblr.com/video_file/5226962096/tumblr_lkcx0vFyLt1qceibz’,500,375,’poster=http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.tumblr.com%2Ftumblr_lkcx0vFyLt1qceibz_frame1.jpg,http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.tumblr.com%2Ftumblr_lkcx0vFyLt1qceibz_frame2.jpg,http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.tumblr.com%2Ftumblr_lkcx0vFyLt1qceibz_frame3.jpg,http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.tumblr.com%2Ftumblr_lkcx0vFyLt1qceibz_frame4.jpg,http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.tumblr.com%2Ftumblr_lkcx0vFyLt1qceibz_frame5.jpg’) thewrongcrowd: Bobby Long, The Vanguard, Sydney, 27th of April 2011 Bobby kicks off Barefoot at the Belmont next Thursday, May 12th. Less than 50 tickets left, get yours here.  (Source: http://www.adobe.com/)

Old 97’s – “Won’t Be Home” This track from 2004’s album Drag it Up features the signature energetic style of Old 97’s. Originally from Dallas, Old 97’s have made a 15 year career of it, most recently releasing their seventh studio album, Blame it on Gravity. Lead singer Rhett Miller, is joining KXT for June’s… Read more »