Q&A: Jessie Frye

Having shared the stage with artists such as Beck, Pat Benatar, Avett Brothers and more (not to mention her regular SXSW appearances), Jessie Frye is no stranger to the music festival spotlight. Naturally, we’re stoked to see this Denton pop-rocker’s show at  Summer Cut this year. As Frye herself said in our recent Q&A, one thing’s for sure: we can count on having a lot of fun.


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KXT: How would you describe your music?

JF: High energy pop-rock!

KXT: Who are your influences?

JF: I always joke that I’m a goth who writes pop music. The Cure will always be my favorite band in the world. Tori Amos inspired me to study piano when I was 11-years-old. I love all kinds of music and forms of self-expression. Artists like John Hiatt, T. Rex, Ryan Adams, LIGHTS, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley and Madonna inspire me in many ways. I love the power of a catchy melody – that’s something I enjoy focusing on when I write.

KXT: How has Denton/North Texas shaped your musical career?

JF: I moved to Denton because I heard so many great things about the music scene here. Everyone is so involved in the festivals and shows – it’s a very passionate place. Denton gave me a lot of chances when I started playing gigs, so I am forever grateful to the community here.

KXT: You’ve become a bit of a SXSW regular – can you speak a little to your SXSW experience?

JF: SXSW holds a special place in my heart because that’s why I started my band. In 2009 I knew nothing about the industry and recorded an EP of acoustic songs. At that time I had never played a show, so I was very shocked to get officially invited. I remember sitting on my bed reading the email saying to myself “I better call my musician friends and start a band!” It definitely helped me believe in my dreams. We have been fortunate enough to be back six times. It’s my favorite time of year. I love that festival and all the running around you get to do. It’s an essential learning experience for any band.

KXT: You always seem to be breaking expectations at your shows…what are your expectations when you perform? How do you create/prepare for a performance?

JF: Wow, thank you! I am very hard on myself. When I perform I exert a lot of energy so as a singer I have to stay in shape vocally and physically. I have fun planning an outfit that helps represent the songs I write. I like to think of fun things to wear that will make people smile and feel empowered. Our live shows are very much so about togetherness. You are a part of something when you come to a Jessie Frye show. I want fans to walk away feeling like they have superpowers.

KXT: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

JF: I would love to do something with Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. I imagine we would write a really dark, catchy pop song. I feel vocally we could create some serious magic.

KXT: Favorite Denton hangout spot?

JF: I have two favorite spots. Harvest House is the bomb. It’s the greatest new addition to Denton and I am there all the time. My favorite place to grab a cocktail is Paschall Bar – the atmosphere is so unique and perfect.

KXT: What can our listeners expect to see from you at Summer Cut?

JF: They can expect to have a lot of fun! Honestly, festivals are our favorite kind of shows. We are looking forward to playing such an amazing festival like Summer Cut. It’s local with some great headliners so it feels very special for us. We will also be playing the new single!


We can’t wait to hear it, Jessie! You can snag your tickets to see Jessie and all of the other great artists at Summer Cut HERE. #ready4SummerCut