The Paul Slavens Show: Playlist and Blog for Sept 27 2014

Nancy Sinatra – Sugar Town – Sugar
Rush – Red Barchetta – Moving Pictures
Tasseomancy – Anubis – Ulalume
Peter Gabriel – The Drop – Live Blood
The Beau Hunks Saxophone Soctette – Powerhouse – Contrasts
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Swimming Horses – Hyaena
Anthony Perkins – Ne Dis Plus Rien – Chanson
FKA Twigs – Numbers – LP1
Thomas Dolby – One Of Our Submarines – The Golden Age Of Wireless
The Faces – You’re So Rude – A Nod Is As Good As A Wink To A Blind Horse
Toro Y Moi – Rose Quartz – Anything In Return
John Lennon – God – Plastic Ono Band
The Raveonettes – Killer in the Streets – Pe’ahi

Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas – Song To No One – Songs To No One
Japancakes – Come In Alone – Loveless
The Breeders – Off You – Title TK
Mingo Fishtrap – On Time – On Time
Tex Williams – Ride My Little Red Wagon – “Tex Williams – Vol. 2”
Thomas Chapin Trio – Trio II – Insomnia
Grand Funk Railroad – Nothing Is The Same – Grand Funk (The Red Album)
Perfume Genius – Longpig – Too Bright
A Girl Called Eddy – Golden – A Girl Called Eddy
Swans – Children Of God – Children of God/World of Skin
Seal – Crazy – Seal [1991]
Derek Bailey – Laura – Ballads
Feathers – van Rat – Feathers




Glorious !!  That is my word for this weather.  So glad to have you along for the ride this evening.  This is where you leave your polite comments and music suggestions for next week’s show.
I tend to not play songs over 6 minutes long  , please be careful about the lyrics I dont want to offend or get in trouble from the FCC.
Leave links if you want.  Videos and links to purchasing are always welcome.

New to me this week:


The Beau Hunks

Thomas Chapin Trio

A Girl called Eddy


  • Chance Eubanks

    Can’t wait to hear what’s on tonight. You’ve always got a great show, Paul.

    • J Paul Slavens

      Thanks so very much

  • J Paul Slavens

    I am here. Lets do this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cynthia Johnson

    Love, love, love Red Barchetta! Wasn’t this song based loosely on the novel “On the Beach”….obviously could be wrong!

    • J Paul Slavens

      I think that book was about nuclear holocaust in Australia, wasnt it?

    • Chris

      The short story ‘A Nice Morning Drive’ by Richard Foster

  • Josh

    Hi Paul, I would like to suggest “Carol Carol” by the Speckulations. It can be downloaded for free here:

    Have a great night!

    • J Paul Slavens

      I will go and chek it out !!

  • Steve

    Thom Yorke released new solo material for the first time in six years. You won’t be able to find it on amazon or Itunes. Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is available for $6 via BitTorrent. I recommend the first track.

    Thom Yorke – A Brain In A Bottle

    • J Paul Slavens

      wonderful list tonight, thanks

  • Steve

    Bill Wyman & Terry Taylor – The Valley
    Chelsea Wolfe – Tracks (Tall Bodies)
    Jozef van Wissem – In Templum Dei
    Justus Köhncke – Old Man

  • neon cobra

    Good evening to you PSlave. The weather is fantastic, as are you sir. Thank you.
    I think its been a while, but how about any Menahan Street Band track you feel is worthy?
    STS9- Peaceblaster ’08
    The Hotrats- Love Is The Drug
    Wymond Miles- Pale Moon

    • J Paul Slavens

      Love that MSB

      thanks friend

  • Nara

    Hi Paul, I wish to suggest a Brazilian piece; “Não Precisa” by Paula Fernandes ft. Victor & Leo. All in all, I was thinking perhaps playing some Brazilian music? This genre is soft listening, there are also great artist that are within the Brazilian jazz genres.

    • J Paul Slavens

      I love Brazilian music !!! thanks

  • Andrew
    • J Paul Slavens

      JIM STAFFORD !!!! one of my childhood faves

  • Cynthia Johnson

    Keith Richards “You Don’t Move Me Anymore”….thanks for your consideration! Really look forward to your shows on Sunday evenings!

    • J Paul Slavens

      Thanks !!! i will find this

  • Dr_Spin

    I’d like to suggest Billy Bottle and the Multiple’s “O Nature” from their album “The Unrecorded Beam.” Really great, creative album.

    • J Paul Slavens

      I will check it out

  • Emily Thomas Gomez < I am suggesting Ethan Goldhammer again! 🙂
    you can also find this track on spotify/itunes

    • J Paul Slavens

      thanks for the link !

  • Matthew J. Bauman

    Ezra Furman, Hayden, & Diareah Planet made my favorite records from last year. I highly recommend them!

    • J Paul Slavens

      I shall endeavor to hip myself

  • Donny Hathaway’s cover of “Jealous Guy” pretty please 🙂

  • Paul_Muller
    • J Paul Slavens

      I am eternally interested in your suggestions

  • Rachel Riley

    New Order- “Age of Consent”
    The Rose of Avalanche- “Always There”
    Fields of The Nephilim- “Phobia”

    • J Paul Slavens

      thank you very much, I will check this all out

  • J Paul Slavens

    that looks interesting !! xo

  • Good evening~

    I’d love to hear Sex Gang Children’s “Black Eyed Dog.”

    Ciao and cheers 🙂

    • J Paul Slavens

      lyrics are clean?

      • Can’t find the complete lyrics to it, so please change to their “Saraband for Dead Lovers,” from the same album (Bastard Art).

        • J Paul Slavens


  • Chris

    Paul McCartney – Wanderlust – Tug of War
    One of Paul McCartney’s best vocals of the Eighties. John’s great song ‘God’ is how he felt at the end of the Beatles, ‘Wanderlust’ is Paul’s perspective on having to move on.

    • J Paul Slavens

      I will check it out, thanks

  • Janet Darling
    • J Paul Slavens

      very grooby !!!

  • J Paul Slavens

    short , but very sweet list. thanks

  • J Paul Slavens

    I might have that Martin Denny on vinyl

  • J Paul Slavens

    people are finally getting together

  • Hannah
    • J Paul Slavens

      peeps be lovin the WoD

  • J Paul Slavens

    interesting, I look forward to checking it out. thanks

  • J Paul Slavens

    Thanks for all the great suggestions !! its gonna be a great show next sunday, see you then !!

  • Colleen

    Tiny Vipers. Lover her song Dreamer.

  • Barbee

    Ahhhh , finally my theme song gets some air play, “Crazy” , Lyle Lovvette – Pontiac has a couple interesting tunes for your show. My favorite guitarist Joe Satriani “Rubina” is smooth instrumental, well what else , its Joe Satraini ,

  • Barbee

    Until I discovered Joe Badamasa anyway

  • Barbee

    I can’t go without mentioning David Garrett

  • Barbee

    Ok so Joe Satraini isn’t always smooth, but he’s always instrumental eh?

  • Barbee

    Maybe not always with you but always with me:)

  • allisong

    Thanks so much Paul – I been discovering so much great music through you show….
    – Van Morrison – “I’ll Take care of you” – wonderful blues piece from Too Long in Exile
    – Mariza (Portugal) – “Beijo de Saudade” from Terra
    – Paul Simon – “I can’t Run But” from Rythmn of the Saints

  • Stephanie Hindall

    Hey hey Paul – I’m a sucker for a great cover. My dream is to come up with the ultimate cover playlist, and it would start with The Postal Service doing Phil’s “Against All Odds” available on the 10th Anniversary edition of Give Up. And here:

  • Mary Ellen Douglas

    How about “Third Rate Romance” by the Amazing Rhythm Aces; also “Strange Fire” by The Indigo Girls. Love the Jeff Buckley song “Everybody Here Wants You.’ Really enjoyed Sunday night’s show last week. I downloaded two of the songs!

  • raydiohede .

    Just discovered your show, Paul. Amazing! Thanks for all you and KXT are doing for the DFW area. Three suggestion… 2 awesome remakes and 1 under appreciated 80’s song….

  • Clint

    Hi, Paul. Thanks for consistently great shows. Please consider playing “Onwards” from Afro Celt Sound System. It’s off their 2001 release “Volume III: Further In Time.” The song is slow and mostly instrumental, great for just chilling. Below is a link to the song from YouTube (just a still image and no video), and an additional link explains what the few and repetitive lyrics mean. Thanks for the consideration.

  • Bradley Petty

    Vulfpeck’s “1612” from the Album Fugue State. The whole album is great!

  • Bradley Petty

    1612 by Vulfpeck. Album is great as well.

  • Brad

    1612 by Vulfpeck. Awesome album too!

  • Rafael

    What the heck happened to the Paul Slavens show on Oct.5! And what the heck are you broadcasting!