Blitzen Trapper

Portland’s Blitzen Trapper stopped by the KXT studios to showcase tracks from their latest release, VII, and to talk about making the transition from folky to funky.

Video: Blitzen Trapper performs ‘Don’t Be A Stranger’ at KXT 91.7


Video: Blitzen Trapper performs ‘Valley Of Death’ at KXT 91.7


Video: Blitzen Trapper performs ‘Ever Loved Once’ at KXT 91.7


Audio: Blitzen Trapper full interview and performance at KXT 91.7

  • MostGratuitous

    Awesome. But, uh, Ever Loved Once and Valley of Death are switched.

  • disqus_8y4rvg9Pdm

    These are beautiful, thank you for posting them! I think you switched the names of the last two videos, but they’re still great. 🙂

  • Joey

    One of the best groups around, these guys definitely deserve more attention. See them live if you get an opportunity. I have seen several shows since 2008 and they just keep getting better!

  • Joey

    The second and third songs have their titles mixed up.

  • Monica Watson West


  • ryantainter

    Thanks for pointing out that the videos were switched. All should be fixed now. Enjoy!