The Paul Slavens Show: Playlist and Live Blog for March 17 2013

Billie Holliday – All of Me – 100 Famous Billie Holiday Essentials
Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Jorge Ben – Fio Maravilha – Brazil Classics 1: Beleza Tropical
Animal Collective – Derek (Album) – Strawberry Jam
Spyche – It’s Hard To Run Uphill On Stilts – John Singer Sergeant
Phil Manzanera – Law And Order – Listen Now
Broken Social Scene – Sweetest Kill – Forgiveness Rock Record
Wovenhand – The Speaking Hands – Consider The Birds
Eleanor Friedberger – Heaven – Merge Records Spring Sampler 2012
Parov Stelar – Dark Jazz – Seven And Storm
Whiskey Folk Ramblers – Mad Man’s Eyes – The Lonesome Underground
Michael Zapruder – Ads For Feelings – Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope
Amon Düül Ii – Deutsch Nepal – Wolf City
José Feliciano – Light My Fire – Light My Fire: The Very Best Of José Feliciano
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps – Maps

Elis Regina – Águas De Março – Fotografia – Os Anos Dourados De Tom Jobim
Walter Gieseking – A La Maniere De… Borodine – Essential Piano Collection
Glasser – Tremel – Ring
The Stories – Brother Louie – About Us
Home By Hovercraft – Talk – Are We Chameleons?
Carlos Diernhammer – Shepherd’s Dream – Swing Bach — Easy Listening
Ten Years After – Here They Come – A Space In Time
Soap&Skin – Janitor Of Lunacy – Soap&Skin
Father John Misty – Now I’m Learning to Love the War – Fear Fun
Nicolas Repac – Ayo – Yellow Gauze
Seth Sherman – You’ll Never Know Why – When The Moment Is True
Myopic – If You Say So – We Were Here
Jackie DeShannon – Should I Cry (Alternate Take) – What The World Needs Now Is…
Black Flag – Beat My Head Against The Wall – My War
Fenster – White To Red – Bones
Nektar – Recycle – Retrospektive 1969-1980



What a glorious day, Spring has most definitely sprung.
This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions.  Please make sure they are no more than 6 minutes long and be especially careful about suggesting music with FCC noncompliant language.  Other than that, I need suggestions from all times, genres, styles and types.
New to me this week:

Parov Stelar

Michael Zapruder

Elis Regina

The Stories

Carlos Diernhammer

Nicolas Repac

Seth Sherman



  • pslavens_kera

    I am here, I am here, I am here !!

  • Steve

    Dinosaur Jr – Quicksand

    Beastie Boys – Benny and The Jets

    Lee Fields and The Expressions – You’re the Kind of Girl

    Bjork – Its Oh So Quiet

    Puscifer – Bohemian Rhapsody “O.G. Mix”

    • pslavens_kera

      uh oh., I almost played that Puscifer track, guess I will have to now. thanks

      • Steve

        The show needs more Puscifer!!!

  • Radish- Dear Antartica

    • pslavens_kera

      sounds groovy

  • How about a couple of anti-love songs:

    Claude Hay – I love to Hate You

    Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks – How can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away

    • pslavens_kera

      interesting, ok

  • Elizabeth

    Whiskey Folk Ramblers — The Gambling Preacher’s Daughter

    • pslavens_kera

      well, they have a new record coming, so I will prolly play stuff off of that for a while. but I will get to this down the road.

  • Paul Muller

    In 1959, Keely Smith and Louis Prima were awarded the first-ever Grammy Award for ‘Best Performance by a Vocal Group’ for “That Ol’ Black Magic”.

    Louis Prima & Keely Smith – “That Old Black Magic”
    The Neon Philharmonic –“Morning Girl”
    Botticellis – “New Room”
    Elk City – “Dreams Of Steam”
    Races – “All For You”
    Eight And A Half – “Took A Train To India”
    Daedelus – “Fair Weather Friends”
    Queen – “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon”

    • pslavens_kera

      Seems like I went looking for that Louis Prima recording before and was unsuccessful. I shall try again.

  • Rafael

    Hey Paul is it just me or are all these album covers showng up bigger than ife?

    • pslavens_kera

      not sure, I dont see anything, but there seem to have been some issues in recent weeks with the links

  • chuck bratcher

    Ok here’s one for you. If you check out the trailer you will see the dance scene that got me hooked. Great movie! Great song by Bau:

    The link to the movie trailer is here:

    Another song to try is from a Dutch band called Claw Boys Claw:

    If you like these I’ve got tons more. Let me know.

    • pslavens_kera

      I will check em out

  • Lourdes Pelaez

    Hi Paul, great show!! thanks!

    John Zorn- Between two worlds

    Michael Hedges- Aerial boundaries

    Harry Manx- Baby please don’t go

    • pslavens_kera

      once again, you give me lots to work with xo

  • pslavens_kera

    another challenging list , thanks !!!!

  • pslavens_kera

    this is all super ok

  • pslavens_kera

    I will listen

  • pslavens_kera

    fun idea, ok

  • pslavens_kera

    HEY!! Nice to meet you! I love Brazilian music, for lots of reasons, I try not to play too much, but it is hard to stay away, it fits into this format so well. Send what you got !!!

  • pslavens_kera

    good enough.

    • Paul Muller

      A little (Queen) Freddie Mercury trivia for your bloggers:
      Farrokh Bulsara – September 5, 1946 – November 24, 1991
      (aka Freddie Mercury) was born in Zanzibar Africa and grew up there and in India until his mid-teens. Farrokh Bulsara was a Parsi (Persian Zoroastrians who immigrated to India during 10th century AD) and was burried with a Parsi ceremony.

  • Thanks Paul,
    Of Monsters and Men – ‘Dirty Paws’ – from ‘My Head is an Animal’

    The White Stripes – ‘In the Cold, Cold Night’ – from ‘Elephant’

    The Wallflowers – ‘Invisible City’ – from ‘Bringing Down the Horse’

    The Clash – ‘Rudy Can’t Fail’ – from ‘London Calling’

  • pslavens_kera

    Thanks for all the great suggestions, I will see you here next week and we will see what you have wrought.
    xo cheers

  • If you ever get a chance to see Wolff and Tuba live you should do so. Unfortunately I’m not sure his music would really translate to radio well.

    • pslavens_kera

      been a fan for years. saw drums and tuba in Denton

  • Buffy Saint-Marie?

  • d.lasher

    Paul i need your help if you could tell me who the artist you closed your se with? I tried to be attentive but i found myself lost in the crashing of sounds even though the lyrics were clear in regards to the colors red and white

    • pslavens_kera


  • Andrew

    I just stumbled across this video with “0” views. It’s too good to be true. Perhaps you’ll be the first to give it airplay.

    “The Good Life” by Brandon Patton

  • Steve

    Paul, can we get a playlist please?