The Paul Slavens Show:Playlist and Live Blog for February 3 2013

Florence + The Machine – Spectrum (Say My Name) – Spectrum (Say My Name) (EP)
Menahan Street Band – Sleight of Hand – The Crossing
The Five Americans – Western Union – Western Union
Deerhunter – Agoraphobia – Microcastle
Spooky Folk – Kicking and Screaming – No Metro Volume One
Tune-Yards – Gangsta – W H O K I L L
Burton Cummings – Stand Tall – Burton Cummings
The Mars Volta – Tira Me a Las Aranas – Deloused in the Comatorium
Hoagy Carmichael – Old Buttermilk Sky – The Definitive Collection of Hoagy Carmichael
This Mortal Coil – Mr. Somewhere (Remastered) – Blood (Remastered)
Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen – My Home In My Hand – Lost In The Ozone
Knife – Heartbeats – Deep Cuts
The Cush – Decade – Songs After Sandy
Tokimonsta – Cigarette Lust – Proximity One: Narrative of a City
Papercuts – The Void – You Can Have What You Want
Buck 65 – Roses And Blue Jays – Talkin’ Honky Blues

Cocteau Twins – Pink Orange Red – Stars And Topsoil – A Collection 1982-1990
Frith Fred – Evolution – Cheap at Half the Price
Poliça – Wandering Star – Give You The Ghost
Ian Moore and the Lossy Coils – Silver Sunshine – El Sonido Nuevo
Phil Manzanera – Rongwrong (Live) – 801 Live
Architecture In Helsinki – Contact High – Contact High
The Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs – The Velvet Underground & Nico
Loggins & Messina – House At Pooh Corner – The Best Of Friends
Rodrigue – Can’t Get Away – Searching For Sugar Man
Milo Greene – Son My Son – Milo Greene
Amadou & Mariam – Sabali – Welcome to Mali
Generationals – Yours Forever – Actor-Caster (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version)
Isobel Campbell – Who Built The Road – Sunday At Devil Dirt
Radiohead – Climbing Up The Walls (Zero 7 Mix) – OK Computer (Collector’s Edition)



Happy Super Bowl Sunday and thanks for tuning in when the rest of the civilized world is glued to the advertisements, lip synching and brutal physical punishment.   It a gorgeous night in North Texas, I hope the music makes it even nicer.
This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions.  Nothing over 6 minutes, and make sure the lyrics are FCC clean, thanks.  Leave a link if you can to where we can check out or buy the music.

New to me this week



Buck 65

Milo Greene

Isobel campbell

  • pslavens_kera

    I am here and ready to hear you.

  • Steve
    • pslavens_kera

      a nice mix , thanks a lot!!

  • Rafael

    HI Paul,Savoy Brown-Train to Nowhere-

    Joe Walsh-Analog Man

    • pslavens_kera

      thanks , nice to see you here again

  • It was a pleasure to meet you Friday night. Hope I wasn’t intruding. Excellent concert wasn’t it? Sunday night is my Monday and your program makes it a lot less painful.

    I know I told you I had run out of suggestions but…….

    They Told me by Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

    Strict Ritual by Maps of Norway (Hated it the first couple of times i heard it but it grew on me)

    Anything by Playing for Change – Very cool concept. They start out with a single musician/singer doing a basic cover song and then travel around the world having other singers and musicians add to it.

    • pslavens_kera

      great putting a face with the suggestion lists, what a great show.
      thanks as always, Ray

  • neon cobra

    Good evening Mr. Slavens. I hope all is well. Thank you good sir.

    Daniel Romano- “I’m Not Crying Over You”
    The Coral- “Cobwebs”

    The Black Angels- “Melanie’s Melody”
    (all on iTunes)

    • pslavens_kera

      thanks, love the Coral

  • J’

    I dont know if anyone has suggested this recently but I’d like to hear Sharon Van Etten – Give Out

    • pslavens_kera

      sure, havent played her for a few weeks

  • mike webber

    Yo Paul–you should check out Parquet Courts– one time Dentonites, now based in Brooklyn

    • pslavens_kera

      very well, but I dont like people who leave Denton.

  • Rafael
    Spooky Tooth-Wings onmy Heart

    • pslavens_kera

      oh yeah

  • Hey, another great show! As a suggestion for next week, I’ll proffer Ivor Novello’s “What a Duke Should Be.” Cheers.

    • pslavens_kera

      groovy, I will check it out.

  • omg what was that before Western Union? I have to know–thx!!

    • pslavens_kera

      Menahan Street Band-Sleight of Hand. I love em !!!!!

  • Benson

    Prelude – After the Goldrush

    • pslavens_kera

      love that song, have it on vinyl. bought it when I was a kid and it first came out.

      • Benson

        absolutely awesome acapella. it blew me away when I first heard it, and then again when I heard it on your show a while back!

  • Bill

    Would like to suggest the band River City Extension. The album “Dont Let the Sun Go Down On Your Anger” is really quite spectacular, especially the following tracks:

    If You Need Me Back in Brooklyn
    Ballad of Oregon
    Everything West of Home/Brooklyn Reprise

    If you were to play any or all of these I would be most delighted! Thank you good sir!

    • pslavens_kera

      I will do my bestest

  • Lance

    WOW TMC Thanks!

    • pslavens_kera


  • Kristi

    Fair is the rose. Please please please 🙂

    • pslavens_kera

      I will check it out.

  • Guest

    Hey Paul…any Alabama Shakes, Frank Zappa, or Leonard Cohn?

    • pslavens_kera

      ok ok ok

  • Andrew

    ‘American Wheeze’ by 16 Horsepower

    ‘Line Of Fire’ by Junip

    ‘To Love You All Over Again’ by Madeleine Peyroux

    ‘Love and Treachery’ by Madeleine Peyroux

    ‘Vincent’ by Don Mclean

    By the way, I you might want to check out your microphone pop filter. There’s a low frequency pop or puff when you’re talking. Thanks.

    • pslavens_kera

      thanks, I had the mic turned wrong. thanks for the cool suggestions.

  • Ray Charles version of You Don’t Know Me.

    • pslavens_kera


  • pslavens_kera

    ok ok ok

  • Paul Muller

    Fifty years ago, the Beatles were an opening band. On their first tour, they were listed dead-last on a six-band bill. The headliner was the far more popular Helen Shapiro, who was only 16 years old at the time. Shapiro sang her single, “Look Who It Is”, to The Beatles on British TV.

    Helen Shapiro had a deep timbre to her voice, unusual in a girl in her early teens; as well a maturity of vocal phrasing that was way, way beyond her years.

    At age 15 in 1961, Helen Shapiro’s “You Don’t Know” reached #1 in UK, but failed to chart in the US. It was co-written by Michael Hawker (Lyrics) & John Schroeder (Music).

    John Schroeder recorded instrumentals under the name of ‘Sounds Orchestral’. His song “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” has become one of the most popular and recognizable jazz songs of all time, perhaps second only to “Take Five”.

    Helen Shapiro – “You Don’t Know”

    Sounds Orchestral – “Cast Your Fate to the Wind”

    Depeche Mode – “Heaven”

    Röyksopp – “Happy Up Here”

    King Biscuit Time – “I Walk The Earth”

    Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson – “Relator”

    The Dukes of Stratosphere (XTC) – “25 O’Clock”

    Tom Waits – “I Beg Your Pardon” written by Hoagie Carmichael

    • pslavens_kera

      wow, wonderful, you make it so easy for me. thanks

  • Lourdes Pelaez

    Thanks Paul, great show!

    No surprises- Amanda Palmer

    A satisfied mind- Jeff Buckley

    Think of me with kindness- Gentle Giant

    • pslavens_kera

      Thanks for you lovely input Lourdes. xo

      • Paul Muller

        Gentle Giant ‘Octopus’ album cover is another cover with art work by Roger Dean who is famous for ‘Yes’ album covers.

  • pslavens_kera

    thanks a bunch, how could I not rock some Bread for you? you rawk.

  • Hip Paul! I’m listening! Have you checked out “Old Man Markley” yet? The song is “For Better or Worse”‘ Interesting punk/bluegrass band.

    • pslavens_kera

      yep, I believe I have spun them. but I will check out that tune for you

  • pslavens_kera

    Thanks so much everybody, what a great turnout on the blog tonite. xo.
    see you next sunday.

  • I’ll suggest bands and songs both new and old, but you know I’m always happy with the show no matter what you play. Lavender Diamond, Tennis (It All Feels the Same), Lhasa de Sala (El Desierto or Anywhere on this Road), Martha Wainwright (The Tower Song), Lady and Bird (super score if you can get the “Suicide is Painless”,) or, if you’re in a particular mood, maybe “The Heart is a Holy Place” by Patricia van Ness and The King Singers (I think). Some Jose James. Ghost Wave (coming to 35 Denton,). Eh, just a few. Always a pleasure, Paul.

  • An as-ever enthralling show, so thanks yet again. (Thank you for [usually] one-man-show Buck 65.) Some local, oldish and newish: Legendary Crystal Chandelier’s “Righteous Disease”, and, well, anything by Blackstone Rangers.

  • Edward Avila

    A stellar covering of songs by Agustin Lara, a early to mid-twentieth century composer. Headed by Natalia Lafourcade, a Mexican
    pop artist and joined by the male who’s who of the Mexican and American indie world. Beautiful voices fill this rich album, it maybe a stretch, but nothing is ever out of the ordinary on your show. Album: Natalia Lafourcade, Mujer Divina- Homenaje a Agustin Lara, Song: Imposible, w/ Leon Larregui

  • Steve

    Paul, I think you have an extra song at the end of the playlist. I wish you would play it though.

  • Edward Avila

    Natalia Lafourcade – Imposible (a dueto con León Larregui).
    Off the Mujer Divina: Homenaje a Agustin Lara, Lara was a early-mid twentieth century composer/songwriter. The album is centered around Lafourcade duets with Mexican and American male singers. While all the tunes on this album are stellar, this one is a gem.

  • Andrew

    ‘Wild Thing’ singer Reg Presley of the Troggs, dies: Feb 5, 2013.
    A song written by Reg Presley: Troggs – “Love Is All Around”

  • SuperQueenie

    Patrick Watson – Slip Into Your Skin

    Shilpa Ray – Beating St. Louis

  • david combs

    Hello I have been blessed with meeting Jill Kinsey a former Athens TX girl now very busy in Nashville TN

    Writting music and plays and sings her texas heart off! she is truly Texas gold ! I am trying to reach someone to speak about including her in the line up for this years Barefoot at the Belmont or Granada or maybe the Kessler . or utube has several videos from Jill also I would love to get Jill some air time if possible also . also she can be downloaded from I tunes . she is amazing you should try her briliantly written lyrics and awesome southern rock , country mix. she is awesome . while she is very busy in Nashville most of the time she is booking in Austin , Houston and Dallas. she last played at Adairs Saloon and in Ft Worth at the stock yards. Texas Gold I tell you and a great gal! or itunes 🙂 please for your sake check her out

    Jill Kinsey – World I’m Livin’ In [official music video] – YouTube

    â–º 3:14â–º 3:14

    Jun 12, 2012 – Uploaded by Jill KinseyJill Kinsey’s new album, “World I’m Livin’ In” releases Summer 2012.

    David Combs