The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for Sept. 30, 2012

Fall has fell! It’s cool, dark, and lovely. A great night to snuggle up and check out some interesting music. This is where you can leave your suggestions for music for the show, just leave a link if you can, and make sure the language is acceptable for FCC. Try not to suggest music that is too lengthy.

New to me this week:
The Chessmen
Stina Nordenstam
Jonathan Coulton
The Langley Schools Music Project
Annie and the Beekeepers
Steve Hillage
Blackstone Rangers
Mirel Wagner

Andy Williams – “You Dont’ Know What Love Is” – Lonely Street
– Miss You (Radio Edit) – Miss You
Nancy Wilson
– “(You Don’t Know) How Glad I Am”  – How Glad Am I / Gentle
Is My Love
Alpines – “Drive” – Night Drive EP
Carter Albrecht – “When You’re Younger” – The Sparrow Project Vol.
1: Change The World
Mahavishnu Orchestra;John McLaughlin – “Lotus Feet” – Inner Worlds
The xx – “Angels” – Coexist
The Chessmen – Love Is What The World Is Made Of – Acapella – Doo Wop Greats
The Books  
– “Tokyo” – The Lemon Of Pink
Claudine Longet
– “Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye” – Let’s Spend The
Night Together
Elbow – Fugitive “Motel” – Cast Of Thousands
Frank Wilson
– “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)” – The Complete Motown
Singles –  Volume 5: 1965

Stina Nordenstam
– “Circus” – This Is Stina Nordenstam
The Budos Band
– “Chicago Falcon” – The Budos Band II
– “Supergirl” – Tuesday

Jenny Lewis – “Pretty Bird”  – Acid Tongue
Roger Miller
– “Little Green Apples” – All Time Greatest Hits
Jonathan Coulton
– “Nemeses” (featuring John Roderick) – Artificial Heart
The Langley Schools Music Project – “Good Vibrations” – Innocence and Despair
– “All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes” – The Sparrow Project
Vol. 1-Change The World
Annie and the Beekeepers – “Wake Up Mama” – My Bonneville
Steve Hillage
– “Crystal City”  – Green
Blackstone Rangers – “Mutiny At Toho Bay (Into the Sea)” – Into the Sea
The Four Lads – “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” – 16 Most Requested Songs
Of The 1950s Volume One
They Might Be Giants – “When Will You Die” – Join Us
– “Venus” – Marquee Moon
Marvin Gaye – “Let’s Get It On” – Let’s Get It On
Mirel Wagner
– “No Death” – Mirel Wagner
– “Rock Hard Times” – Shootenanny!
– “Partons vite” – Partons vite
Herp Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
– “Tangerine” – Whipped Cream 


  • Anonymous

    I am in the room , in the chair and in the mood to hear your suggestions.

    • leslee

      How about some Betti Jurkovich (J is pronounced like Y). The Paganini Twist is good. So is Yaz Nam.

  • Rafael

    Nice work Pual,how about ,one rainy wish or the wind cries mary by jimi hendrix and johnny winters I’ll drown in my own tears.See Ya.

    • Anonymous

      okey dokey, smokey

  • jes

    is it possible for you to play “we the sea lions” its a dallas fort worth band? i think they just released a CD on iTunes

    • Anonymous

      If you are talking about The Sealions from FT Worth, you are in luck! I am gonna play them at around 9:15 tonite !!!

      • jes

        its a different band… but very similar name!

        • Anonymous

          time for a band meeting. new name

  • neon cobra

    Good evening Mr.Slavens. 30mins in and already a kick-ass show! Not surprising. Thank you always.
    MELODY’S ECHO CHAMBER- “Endless Shore”
    HUSKY RESCUE- “Sunset Drive”
    INNAWAY- “Honeybee” (please please)

    • Anonymous

      you rawk. thanks as usual for the interesting mix of suggestions.

  • Anonymous

    Slaaaaavens! You the man.

    Sexy Fi – Brasília Graffiti ( )

    Memory Cassette – Sleep on the Roof ( )

    • Anonymous

      far ouuuuut. i will check it out

  • Mr. Roberts

    Tune-Yards – “You Yes You” makes me smile

    • Anonymous

      thanks, love TYs

  • Jeff

    the books! love ’em

    • Anonymous

      but of course you do

  • Hey Paul, “The Right to Remain Silent” by the Silver Jews. — Ashley H.

    • Anonymous


  • Mike Melendez

    Would love to hear, The City by Mark-Almond.

    • Anonymous

      I will check it out. thanks

  • “Dark Star” -Polico

    • Anonymous

      hey girl, you got it, I will get it on for next sunday

  • Paul Muller

    Here you go, sort through this pile of music…..

    Lavender Diamond –‘Everybody’s Heart’s Breaking Now’

    Scarlett Johansson – ‘Anywhere I Lay My Head’
    [Tom Waits cover]

    Diamond Rings –‘I’m Just Me’

    Plummet – ‘Cherish the Day’ [Sade cover]

    Why? – ‘The Vowels, Pt 2’

    Freur- ‘Doot Doot’

    Elton John – “Blue Eyes”

    Brook Benton – ‘The Boll Weevil Song’

    • Anonymous

      have I told you lately that I like you, a lot.

  • Jeff

    and as a suggestion, Herb Albert’s “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face”

    • Anonymous

      if there is time I have some Herb lined up as the last song, but I will get that one on for next week. thanks

  • Anonymous

    well, unfortunately I cant play stuff off youtube, but I will see if I can find an mp3 of it. thanks

  • Low Anthem – “To Ohio”

  • Dave

    Cursive- from the hips

  • Andrew

    didn’t make little green apples, and it
    don’t rain in Indianapolis in the Summer time’. I’ll have to keep that piece of
    trivia handy for something in the future.

    ‘Riding to Rio by ’William Orbit

    ‘New Slang’ by The Shins –

    ‘What A Little Bit of Love Can Do’ by Jeff
    Bridges -Produced by T Bone Burnett

    ‘Paper Airplane’ by Alison Krauss &
    Union Station

    ‘Mr. Disappointment’ by Neal Young

  • Ezrolith Churn

    Great show going on tonight. I especially loved the Langley Schools project. I’m virtually certain that you’ll be playing more Love This Giant, perhaps even next week. I’d like to formally request The Forest Awakes, Weekend In the Dust or I Should Watch TV at your earliest convenience.

  • Thom
  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the nice suggestions. tune in next sunday and revel in your coolness!

  • Thom

    Chris Isaak – ‘Graduation Day’ from ‘Forever Blue’

  • Kyle Babick

    Thanks for playing Annie and the Beekeepers. Should be on the daytime shows at KXT. Heard them on WUMB an NPR in Boston. How about some First Aid Kit? Beautiful harmonies from Swedish sisters. Thanks for making end of the weekend great for all these years!

  • Roy

    Nature Boy by George Benson, please.

  • Joie De Vivre – At Least I tried

    Genre: Indie, Emo