The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for Aug. 19, 2012

How about this cool weather!! In the dead of summer !!! I love it.
This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions for future shows.
Nothing too long, loud or with FCC noncompliant lyrics, if you please.
Other than that, the sky is the limit.
Leave a link if you can so we can buy or check out the music.

New to me this week:
Abbey Lincoln
James White and the Blacks
Team Tomb
Oh no Ono
Calibro 35
Laura Marling
Holy Moly

Here’s tonight’s setlist:

Abbey Lincoln, “Thursday’s Child,” Abbey Is Blue
Massive Attack, “Teardrop,” Mezzanine
The Who, “Cut My Hair,” Quadrophenia
Badfinger, “Apple Of My Eye,” Ass
James White & The Blacks, “Bleached Black,” Off White
Stereolab, “Percolator,” Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Morphine, “Cure For Pain,” Cure For Pain
Anita O’Day, “The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men,” All The Sad Young Men
Gotan Project, “Chunga’s Revenge (Axel Krygier Remix),” La Revancha en Cumbia
Camel, “Supertwister,” Rainbow’s End – A Camel Anthology 1973 – 1985
Team Tomb, “Filaments,” Team Tomb
Barbra Streisand, “Beau Soir (Voice),” Classical Barbra
Oh No Ono, “Swim,” Eggs
Calibro 35, “A Fistful Of Lead,” Ritornano Quelli Di…

Laura Marling, “Ghosts,” Alas I Cannot Swim
The Dead Weather, “3 Birds,” Horehound
The Cowsills, “The Rain, The Park And Other Things”, The Best Of The Cowsills
John Prine, “Illegal Smile (LP Version),” John Prine
Holy Moly, “I Saw The Light,” Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards: Frequencies Volume 3
Metric, “Synthetica,” Synthetica
Dirty Projectors, “See What She Seeing,” Swing Lo Magellan
Louis Armstrong & The All-Stars, “Fantastic, That’s You,” What A Wonderful World
Zammuto, “Weird Ceiling,” Zammuto
Sia, “Breathe Me,” Breathe Me
Guy Forsyth, “Long Long Time,” Love Songs For and Against
Ween, “Gabrielle,” Shinola (Vol. 1)
Benoit Charest, “Thème De La French Mafia (French Mafia’s Theme),” The Triplets Of Belleville
Laura Nyro, “Upstairs By A Chinese Lamp,” Stoned Soul Picnic: The Best Of Laura Nyro
Minutemen, “Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing,” Introducing The Minutemen

  • Anonymous

    I am in the booth, awaiting your input.

    • Todd Rundgren

    • Kirk

      Is “Within Temptation” too well known a group for your show? The song “Jillian” would be cool.

      • Anonymous

        I will take this under serious consideration

  • jeff ryan

    yes! Stereolab!!! suggestions for next week? King’s of Convenience – Winning the Battle, Losing the War and also the New Year – the End’s Not Near…

    • Anonymous

      your wish is my command

  • red

    hey Paul – i finally watched ‘It might Get Loud’ last night so I’m really pumped, and have a renewed respect for Jimmy Page, the Edge, and Jack White. So could you please play something from each of them – but something more rare or unusual please (esp. as U2 is so ubiquitous, we’ve all heard their ‘hits’ over and over and over ad nauseum…). As well, how about some good old real blues, and some Flat Duo Jets?

    And just for grins, some Gorillaz and DePhazz?

    Thanks for the Morphine – LOVE it!

    • Anonymous

      cool, that sounds very good. a nice mix of things

  • Susan wants to hear some Todd Rundgren.

    • Anonymous

      well, she will have to wait until next week, hope thats ok

  • Danny

    Paul , for your consideration next week.
    Monty Got A Raw Deal—-R.E.M.
    From the Album—–Automatic For the People

    • Anonymous

      ok, that sounds doable

  • jayclark1964

    Here is my list:
    The Liminanas: Je Ne Suis Pas Tres Drogue
    Ghostland Observatory : Silver City
    Roque Wave : Electro-Socket Blues
    Squeeze : Black Coffee In Bed
    Eddie & The Hotrods : Do Anything You Wanna Do
    Nervous Norvous : Transfusion

    • Anonymous

      wicked good list , thanks

  • jerem69

    You oughtta see my quasi-legal smile right now! Thank you kindly, Paul. Does me some good.

    • Anonymous

      if its good to you, it has to be good for you

  • neon cobra

    Good evening Mr. Slavens. The show has been very enjoyable tonight. Thanks for the good stuff.
    INNAWAY- The Strings Of Northegg

    • Anonymous

      thank you !!! I will get on this

  • Lee Higginbotham

    Under the Moonlight of Mineral Wells by Tom Russell, Some Kurt Elling, Some Trout Fishing in America because it has been too long

    • Anonymous

      it has been far too long, thanks

  • neon cobra

    Thank you for Louis!!!

  • Paul Muller

    Class Actress – “Keep You”

    Annuals – “Loxtep”

    Goldfrapp – “Deer Stop”

    The Damned – “Alone Again Or” (1987) [Cover of UFO Song]

    Richard Stoltzman-“Dawn” From Album “Brasil”
    (I can’t find a good sample of this song, but I think you would enjoy it. Really great Fretless Bass with Stoltzman’s Clarinet.)

    Paul, You have a Typo Error in your Title on top of the page this week:
    “August 192012”

    • Anonymous

      thanks for the interesting list
      I was trying to write 90120 !!!!!

  • Mack Wedren

    How about some Squarepusher or Pixies next week?

    • Anonymous

      wow, two of my favorites, I guess if you twist my arm !!!!

  • Andrew

    “Boy With A Coin” by Iron and Wine

    “Freeker By The Speaker” by Keller Williams

    “Castles in the Air” by Don McLean

  • Thom

    “Circus of the Heaven’ – ‘Tormato’ – Yes
    ‘Fly Me Courageous’ – Drivin and Crying
    ‘Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps’ – Doris Day
    Or Cake’s Verison
    Paul, check out the 2nd half of:
    The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for August 12, 2012

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the suggestions , yall
    see you next week

  • B L Zebubba

    My favorites from tonight have been that them thar De-bussy classical thang by Babs, that little ditty from Morphine, that clever opus from Guy Forsythe, and then – toward the end of the show – that beguiling slow piece from Sia (?; she kind of reminded me of Joan Osborne).

    For the future: somebody died recently and I was reading their obituary; there was a reference therein to French jazz and pop from the fifties; such music sounds intriguing to me but I couldn’t begin to come up with a reference to anything specific to suggest you play, but maybe you can? I’ll look in the meantime too (though I’m not really sure how to come up with anything) and get back to you if I find anything.

  • Thierry Guetta

    hi paul, enjoyed the show this week – how bout some homegrown somebody’s darling next week? saw them at granada a few weeks ago opening up for band of heathens and they were amazing. and they have a new single out i believe.

  • Andrew

    Scott McKenzie, Who Sang ‘San Francisco’ In The Summer Of Love, Dies

    Aug 21, 2012