The Paul Slavens Show: July 8, 2012 Live Blog

An unusually blustery and gray day in North Texas. Got some interesting music for us to listen to, thanks to last week’s blog readers.

You can make next week wonderful by leaving your polite comments and music suggestions. I don’t usually play anything over six minutes long, and nothing too aggressively loud. As always, be kind and make sure the lyrics are all FCC compliant, for my sake. xo

New to me this week:
Mucca Pazza
The Demigs
Steam Powered Giraffe
The Electric Prunes
Ozric Tentacles
Sleeper Agent
Mario Castro Neves
J Illa
Purity Ring

Tonight’s playlist:
Gram Parsons, “Love Hurts,” Grievous Angel
The Shins, “Port Of Morrow,” Port Of Morrow
Mucca Pazza, “Boss Taurus,” Safety Fifth
The Demigs, “Red Palomino,” Cities Can Wait
Clothilde, “Fallait pas ecraser la queue du chat,” Swinging Mademoiselles Deux
Coleman Hawkins, “Jamaica Shout,” Coleman Hawkins
Steam Powered Giraffe, “Ju Ju Magic,” The 2¢ Show
Andy Griffith, “The Fishin’ Hole” (Digitally Remastered 93), American Originals
Iguanas, “Para Donde Vas,” The Iguanas
Dalis Car, “The Judgement Is The Mirror,” The Waking Hour
The Electric Prunes, “I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)” (Album
Version). I Had Too Much To Dream
Jimmy Durante, “Make Someone Happy” (Album Version), As Time Goes By: The Best Of Jimmy Durante
The Sugarcubes, “Birthday,” Life’s Too Good
George Jones, “Trouble In Mind,” Sings Bob Wills
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, “Lovely Creature,” Murder Ballads

Peter Gabriel, “Mercy Street,” So (Remastered)
Yoshida Brothers, “One Long River,” Prism
Billy Boyd, “Steward of Gondor,” LOTR Sndtrk
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, “Bats In The Attic,” Diamond Mine
My Wooden Leg, “Papusa,” Jealous Disco
Ozric Tentacles, “Kick Muck,” Pungent Effulgent
Sleeper Agent, “Love Blood,” Celabrasion
Robert Goulet, “Real Live Girl,” 16 Most Requested Songs
Yeasayer, “Henrietta,” Henrietta
Buckethead & Friends, “Coma,” Enter The Chicken
Mario Castro Neves, “Candomblé,” Mario Castro Neves & Samba S.A.
Fountains of Wayne, “Red Dragon Tattoo” (LP Version), Utopia Parkway
J Dilla aka Jay Dee, “Two Can Win,” Donuts
Purity Ring, “Obedear,” Shrines Out
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, “Doctor Blind,” Knives Don’t Have Your Back

  • Pslavens

    Yo wazzup? Gimme some hip suggestions, yall.

    • Bvillgas

      Play some Yuck! Get Away or Chew are goodies.

  • Jerem69
    • Anonymous

      you have leveled up, congrats. what a beautifully presented list. xo

  • pi314

    Hello! Would you please play Tuatara’s “Dark State Of Mind”?

    • Anonymous

      there is a very very good possiblity

  • neon cobra

    Good evening Mr. Slavens. On man that version of Love Hurts was nice. I must say, also, that last weeks show was ,for some reason particularly enjoyable for me. Thank you. Always a pleasure to listen to you.
    HUSKY RESCUE- Diamonds In The Sky

    • Anonymous

      thanks so much. I will take a listen to this. Also, did you send me a CD, If you did, I cant lay hands on it.

  • Tommy Zoots

    Fun stuff so far…How about something from NASA’s The Spirit of Apollo. I like a track called “Money” featuring David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge & Z-Trip and I think it’s FCC friendly but if you want to spin it double check that. There’s also a track featuring Tom Waits called “Spacious Thoughts.”

    • Anonymous

      thanks for the suggestions and the heads up.

  • Pseudosav

    Try “Spanish House” by Felt. Definitely hip.

  • Ray Worth

    How about something from Richard Thompson’s 1000 Years Of Popular Music cd/dvd.

    • Anonymous

      yep sounds good

  • neon cobra

    Um, Not that im aware of sir. I’d love to send you one of my musically inspired ,paintings but no CDs.

    • Anonymous

      for some reason I thought you were a band

  • larry mahan

    i listen religiously.anything from poe is good,but i dig junkie.also dauphin-deprogrammer-or the original .yeah.yeah.yeah. with barry kooda,clint phillips and paul orr.

    • Anonymous

      ok, I will try to dig it up. may be tough

  • Jeff Ryan

    the FIRST sugarcubes single, ever! Jimmy Durante, and the Electric Prunes!?! all in a row? nice one, Paul!! sounding great, my man!

    • Anonymous

      thanks buddy, we may have a record soon, you have 2, right?

  • Andrew

    2:54 – S’ugar’

    Soulsavers & Dave Gahan – ‘Take Me Back Home’

    Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood-‘Summer Wine’

    • Anonymous

      you will always win with Sinatra Hazelwood in my book

  • Mikael780

    Imelda May and Jeff Beck tribute to Les Paul Jailor Man
    Little known rockabilly singer johnny powers Long Blonde Hair
    there is a MP3 on the internet of Leonard Cohen doing Tower of Song
    with U2 backing him up

    • Anonymous

      wicky wick. thanks

  • neon cobra

    Haha. I do share the name with a local Denton band. Unfortunately, I dont think they are a very good band. I am not them.

    • Anonymous

      you are who you are and that is good enough for me

  • M is for Texas

    The front man, Sean Harrasser, from the 90’s band Harvester (Geffen records) has released a new album under the name Envelope Peasant and the Scientific Orchestra. The new album “Make A Home” has several radio worthy tracks.

    • Anonymous

      I will get on it, thanks

  • Sam

    hank williams- i heard that lonesome whitsle

    • Anonymous

      I hear it

  • larry mahan

    kntu i guess,since kxt has gotten too predictable like pop 40 except for the amazing paul slaven who plays my ipod thanks sir.

    • Anonymous

      well, I thanks I guess, you will forgive me if I dont share all your sentiments.

  • Cleogus

    i can’t find your playlists

    • Anonymous

      you know, I had some trouble with that too, I will see about it. I dont always get them up in a timely manner, they may have just gotten tired of me. Also you can find the playlist at the top of the blog AFTER the show is done.

  • Sam jenkins & Sue Bunda

    fever-peggy lee

    • Anonymous

      oh, I suppose I could spin that

  • Kirk Walker

    You should look into playing something from the local artist Emmeline. Maybe her song “A Hundred Years,” which she thinks clearly delineates her Type A, overzealous personality or “Mine”.

    • Anonymous

      I will check it out, thanks

  • Kirk Walker

    Another interesting group to play would be The Klezmatics. The music is definitely different! I have heard songs off their CD entitled “The Klezmatics, Jews with Horns”. It is definitely eclectic.

    • Anonymous

      love the Klezmatics

  • Paul Muller

    Cat Power – ‘Cherokee’

    Frank Ifield -oh such a stranger’

    Madison Chase ‘Circus of Alice’

    Madison Chase – ‘Mind Tickle’
    (Free Downloads on her ReverbNation Site)

    Madison Chase is a young talented unsigned artist from Raleigh SC. She plays a variety of instruments including piano, cello, guitar and bass. Interesting Stuff.

    • Anonymous

      thanks, I will get onto this nice little list,

  • Kirk Walker

    What is the song playing at 9:41? Really cool!

    • Anonymous

      coulda been Buckethead-Coma. was it an instrumental?

  • Anonymous

    wow, there are some blasts from the past in that little list. thanks

  • Sam Jenkins

    solomon burke- none of us are free
    regina spektor- no surprises[radiohead cover]

  • Anonymous

    Thanks everybody, see you back here next sunday !!!cheers

  • larry mahan

    sorry sir,but i can only listen to carlile,jones ,and the maniacs for so long.reduncy boors me to tears.ergo your show.i meant no disrespect.

  • DoctorWhat

    Bah! The one week I can’t listen in, and Steam Powered Giraffe plays. Ah, well. Fingers crossed that I’ll hear them another day.

  • Roy Verges

    Bloodrock “DOA” please. Ft. Worth band IIRC. Gilbert O’Sullivan please – you already played Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdinck… (I believe all these guys had the same manager, which accounts for their literary-operatic names). And the Scherzo from Hammerklavier – nice & short.

  • Maully

    I would love it if Steam Powered Giraffe was played again! I hate that I missed it…