The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day! Got some cool tunes tonight and looking forward to hearing your suggestions for next week’s show. Leave your polite comments and suggestions here, nothing too long (6 min+), too loud or ambient soft, and please, please make sure they are FCC clean. Also, leave a link to where we can hear or purchase your song suggestions.

New to me this week:
Long John Baldry
The Audience
Eilen Jewell
Avi Buffalo
Toni Kitanovski
Seven Octaves

Tonight’s playlist:
Agnes Obel, “Riverside,” Philharmonics
Utopia, “Love In Action,” Oops! Wrong Planet
Long John Baldry, “Black Girl,” Long John Baldry Trio Live
Air, “Mer du Japon,” Pocket Symphony
Sealion, “All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes,” Keep the Camera Rolling
‘Til Tuesday, “Lovers’ Day,” Welcome Home
Herman’s Hermits, “No Milk Today,” Herman’s Hermits Their Greatest Hits
Randy Newman, “Pants,” Born Again
Van Morrison, “Into The Mystic,” Moondance
Sucré, “Chemical Reaction,” A Minor Bird
The Audience, “I Put A Spell On You,” The House On The Hill
Engelbert Humperdinck, “Les Bicyclettes De Belsize,” His Greatest Hits
Colleen, “The Happy Sea,” The Golden Morning Breaks
Guided by Voices, “Fair Touching,” Isolation Drills
Ruth Etting, “’Deed I Do,” Love Me or Leave Me

Three Degrees, “When Will I See You Again,” The Three DegreesFischerspooner, “Emerge,” #1 [Explicit]
Van Dyke Parks, “G-Man Hoover,” Discover America
Eilen Jewell, “Where They Never Say Your Name,” Letters From Sinners & Strangers
Brave Combo, “Making Out in the Bowling Alley” [slow rock], Sounds of the Hollow
John Lennon & Yoko Ono, “Yes, I’m Your Angel,” Double Fantasy
Avi Buffalo, “What’s In It For?” (Album), Avi Buffalo
George Jones & Tammy Wynette, “Take Me,” 16 Greatest Hits
Toni Kitanovski & Cherkezi Orchestra, “Gnossienne No.1,” Borderlands
Armistice, “City Lights,” Armistice EP
Count Basie, “One o’clock Jump,” Classics by the great Count Basie Band
Soul Coughing, “Casiotone Nation (Live),” Ruby Vroom
Solex, “Shoot Shoot,” Low Kick and Hard Bop
Seven Octaves, “Out of the Bluez,” Encouragements
Beach Boys, “Hang on to Your Ego,” Pet Sounds

  • Anonymous

    I am here, are you? Let me hear from you!

  • David

    This track reminds me of Tori Amos.

  • samuel jenkins

    wendy rene. after laughter.

    • Anonymous

      I will give it a listen thanks

  • kxt_listener

    Let’s hear some Petty Victories and some Carrie Manolakos next week! Then maybe some Ben Higginbotham.

    • Anonymous

      I will check it out

  • Tolake


  • Anonymous

    Howdy Paul,

    Sharon Van Etten – “Leonard”

    Chairlift “Le Flying Saucer Hat”

    Party Ben Mashup “Single Ladies in Mayberry”

    • Anonymous

      great thanks for the mini list !!

  • Jerem69

    That and “Mobile” always worked for me.

    • Thom

      There you go Jeremy, those are my two favorites from a hit packed album.

  • Paulette

    Rare Bird– Spookyfolk

  • Nicolehamm

    I’d love to hear “lightnings girl” nancy Sinatra.

  • Jeremy

    Thanks for the Van Morison. My sweet wife forced our son to dance with her until I finished brushing my teeth. He looked truly miserable. Now, that’s romance!

    I thought of a couple of goodies for next week:

    Aerosmith’s “Movin’ Out” or “Seasons of Whither.”

    Supertramp, I like “Rudy” and “School” but they may be too long. Pick something??

    George Thorogood’s “Gearjammer.”

    Beatles’ “Her Majesty.”

    The Tubes’ “White Punks on Dope”

    I’d send links but the tyke’s on our computer and this phone won’t let me do that without reloading this page.

    Rocketh out,

    • Thom

      ‘Seasons of Wither’ from ‘Get your wings’ is a great tune, but that is my faviorite album from Aerosmith. Also, ‘Lord of the Thighs’, ‘S.O.S.’, Train Kept a Rolling’….the whole thing….

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for playing Van Dyke Parks. Why isn’t that guy a house hold name?


    • Anonymous

      depends on what house you live in, I guess

  • William Ashbless

    Nice sounds as usual! Maybe a little Circus Devils for next week? I remain partial to the Sgt. Disco disc(quite some time ago you played “George Took a Shovel” from this) and would like to suggest one of these tracks…
    “French Horn Litigation”
    “Zig Zag”
    “Lance the Boiling Son”
    “In Madonna’s Gazebo”

  • Thom

    Sounds like Gogol Bordello

  • samuel jenkins

    you never wash up after yourself. radiohead
    i work with hunter from sealion nice to hear his song played on here finally. i will share my joy with him as well.

    • Anonymous

      this is all grooviness

  • samuel jenkins

    regina spektor. small town moon

    • Anonymous

      okey dokey

  • SJ

    Would love to hear Love’s Hangover Sale by Chris Sand The Rappin’ Cowboy on the radio.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Yall, hope you can tune in next week. cheers!

  • Thom

    New Model Army – ‘Here Comes the War’ from ‘The Love of Hopeless Causes’
    The Church – ‘Transient’ from ‘Gold Afternoon Fix’
    REM – ‘Belong’ from ‘Out of Time’
    And we are over due for some Nina Simone

  • Astrid

    Robin Trower – Little Girl
    Steely Dan – Black Cow
    Cranberries – No Need to Argue
    Emerson, Lake, and Palmer – C’est La Vie

    I’m a lampworker (I make glass beads with a torch – FIRE! lol) while I listen to the show so of course I have to get a song about glass in here somewhere. 😉

    David Bowie – Breaking Glass

  • Paul Muller

    Kingston Trio – ‘Scotch And Soda’

    Lisa Marie Presley – ‘Storm of Nails’ (Produced by T. Bone Burnett)

  • Shalyn

    Having played Englebert Humperdink, not the composer of light opera, how about something from Englebert Humperdink, the composer of light opera?

    Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Soul Coughing. I now finally know why my cousin’s daughter has such an odd name. I just checked: they named her from that album, though they misspelled it. The album name was taken from Suzanne Vega’s daughter’s name, though they misspelled it. Kind of meta in a way.

  • Roy Verges

    Please play some Michael Hedges, Steve Morse, Joe Pass, Bud Powell, Prokofiev, Oscar Levant, or something produced by David Torn.

  • Andrew

    Greg Laswell – ‘Back to You’ feat. Elizabeth Ziman

    Moody Blues ~ ‘You and Me’
    I’ve always loved the warm fuzzy lead guitar on this song.

    Mutemath – ‘Chaos’

  • Roy Verges

    Since you played some Engelbert Humperdinck, please play some Tom Jones and Gilbert O’Sullivan…

  • Paul Muller
  • Britt

    Hey Paul, love the show, you should play some Scott Riegel. Locally brewed and bred. Salim produced him. I’d say Dance Banjo or State of Mind (

    Oh, and Girls – The Oh So Protective One