The Paul Slavens Show: April 22, 2012 Live Blog

Another lovely evening in DFW, glad to have you along. This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions for future shows. Nothing too long or loud or soft. And please, make sure you let me know if there is any questionable language. Leave a link if you can to where we can buy the music or hear it.
New to me this week:
Y La Bamba
Betty Soo
Brian Auger


Judy Collins – “In My Life” – In My Life
Beck – “Dark Star” – The Information
Y la Bamba – “Bendito” – Court The Storm
The Zombies – “The Way I Feel Inside” – The Original Studio Recordings
Reverend Horton Heat – “Spacewalk” – Laughin’ And Cryin’ With The Reverend Horton Heat
Nite Jewel – “One Second Of Love” – One Second Of Love
The Black Keys – “Do The Rump” – The Big Come Up
BettySoo – “Just Another Lover” – Heat Sin Water Skin
Levon Helm – “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” – Electric Dirt
John Coltrane – “My One And Only Love” – John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman
Drivan – “Kämpa” – Disko
Jethro Tull – “Teacher” – MU – The Best Of Jethro Tull
The Quantic Soul Orchestra -” Regi Bugalu (Bugalu)” – Tropidelico
Orange Juice – “Blokes on 45” – The Glasgow School
Fairport Convention – “Meet On The Ledge “- Meet On The Ledge: The Classic Years (1967-1975)
Cal Tjader – “Temo Tiemoso” – The Prophet
Camper Van Beethoven – “Ambiguity Song” – Telephone Free Landslide Victory
Brian Auger – “Compared To What” – Sample My Funky Groove
Broadway Production – Original Cast – “Ballad Of The Easy Life” – The
Threepenny Opera

Salim Nourallah – “Miette” – Hit Parade
The Residents – “Dreaming of an Anthill (Teeming)” – Animal Lover
Glasser – “Tremel” – Ring
Emerson –  Lake & Palmer – “Still…You Turn Me On” – Brain Salad Surgery
Jefferson Airplane -“Triad” – Crown Of Creation
Stan Kenton – “Artistry in Percussion” – Early Masterpieces – 1941-1946
Soap&Skin – “Janitor Of Lunacy” – Soap&Skin
The Velvet Underground – “Ferryboat Bill” – Another View
Apparat – “Arcadia” – Walls
Dirty Projectors – “Stillness Is The Move “- Bitte Orca
Spike Jones With Vocalist Carl Grayson – “Der Fuehrer’s Face” – Sentimental Journey: Wwii Project (Ajm-7001)

  • Anonymous

    I am here and ready to rock out with you!!

  • Jenkins Samuel

    heard you announce my zombies. cant wait. i got avett bro tickets here in dallas ill be there with my mother. for the joy that brings me to be seeing my favorite songwriters of my generation please play gimmeakiss by the avett bros. album i cant recall. it would be appreciated.

    • Anonymous

      I will do my best. thanks

  • Danny

    Paul , had to leave your blog last week before I seen your comments
    on Greg Lake.
    What is the story ?
    For next week She & I——Alabama
    Thanks , Danny

    • Anonymous

      Oh you know, you cant love everybody. I have noticed that vocalists can really be a matter of taste, and for some reason I just never got into his singin. but I love ELP, gonna rock that tune later in the show.

  • Regan

    From Subpop’s record store day sampler, Therminal Sales Vol. 5 Mixed Nuts, Shearwater, You as you were

    • Anonymous

      coolio, I will try to get my paws on it.

  • Viktor P. Krushkova

    Great show so far! Could you play “Look-Ka Py Py” from the album of the same title by the Meters or maybe “Nardis” as Harvie Swartz covered it on In A Different Light. He’s got Scofield playing with him on that track but it may be a little long coming in at 6:21.

    • Anonymous

      well, I can try to do an edit or just let my time limit rule loosen up a bit for one song. Thanks

      • Viktor P. Krushkova

        Oh yeah…I think a little more Deerhoof would be cool too…Whaddayouthink?

  • Juan

    I’m glad you liked and played Y La Bamba. As for what to play next week, a friend of mine shared with me a good song called “Huff + Puff” by Just A Band.

  • Brooks Anderson

    Love the Tull!

    • Anonymous

      happy birthday, brutha

  • Jerem69

    Harry Nilsson: Everybody’s Talkin’

    Just to stir things up a bit.

    Spike Jones: William Tell Overture
    And, Frank Zappa: Black Napkins (instrumental – oddly enough, no potty mouth):

    • Anonymous

      the last track of the night tonight will be Spike Jones !!
      I will def look into the others for next week too

  • Hey Paul, No suggestions this week. My brain just isn’t functioning tonight, but I am thoroughly enjoying the show. Just what I needed tonight. Thanks!

  • Emma

    Would love to hear some Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton. “Our Hell”?

  • Jerem69

    Brian Auger. Mmmmmm, yeah. Flashback! Thank you, Paul.

  • Jenkins Samuel

    Jimmy Hendrix- My Friend

  • Jerem69

    OK, the references to Mac the Knife led me to this:
    Screamin’ Jayhawks: I’ve got You under my Skin

    It’s a Sinatra thing, just that I must have stepped on the distortion pedal a wee bit.

  • Jerem69

    Sorry, that was “Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.” Same difference..

  • Daniel westmoreland

    Paul, a friend of mine wrote a song called “gold”. we recorded it in FTW last year. The band was called “cory Johnson and the axe handlers”. We also recorded a Robbie Robertson song. could you please play one or the other next week? Thanks_daniel

  • Philip

    Yo Paul,

    loving the playlist as usual. here are my suggestions tonight:

    Radiohead, “A Reminder”
    King Crimson, “Book of Saturday”
    The United States of America, “Love Song For The Dead ChÈ”
    Maria Callas, Adriana Lecouvreur Act IV: “Poveri fiori” (Adriana)
    M. Ashraf feat Nahid Akhtar, “Mera Mehbob Hai”
    Ubon Pattana with Surin Paksiri, “Lam Sarawan”
    Herbert Eimert, “Klangstudie II”

    It’s a lot.


    • Anonymous

      Finally , a big LIST

  • Andrew

    Loved the Greg Lake…Still Turns Me On.

    Robert Plant & Alison Krauss ‘Nothin’

    The Playmates – ‘Beep Beep’

    Elton John – ‘All the Young Girls Love Alice’

    • Anonymous

      coolio, I used to listen to that EJ song when I was a kid.

  • filmaker

    I don’t know if there is even a recording but I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear a song that is about a cup of coffee, a sandwich and you. The song was in a beautiful movie- “Margie” (1946).

    • Anonymous

      an interesting challenge. I will try.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks yall, I am on my way to the Bryan Street Tavern to make up songs. I would love to see you some sunday night.

  • Gene

    Hi Paul, it’s been a while since I got on the blog with a suggestion, but I try to catch your show as often as possible. One of the tracks you played tonight reminded me of something I had heard years ago – no it wasn’t Stan Kenton, but that was pretty cool, too. Anyway, what I had in mind was a number from an old film score. Not from the original movie – it was made before “talkies”. But George Moroder found an old copy of Metrpolis, colorized it and added a soundtrack done by several of the current hit musicians of the time. One of the tracks was “Love Kills” by the late, great Freddie Mercury from Queen. Could you see if you can possibly dig this one up? Thanks, , ,

  • Arnold G

    Love the show – very diverse and interesting mix of music.
    Two suggestions:
    Paul Thorn – He will be playing the Kessler Theater on May 18th. I really enjoy his acoustic music but it’s all good.
    Daniel Market – A folk singer/songwriter from Indiana. Thoughtfully crafted songs with a deep meaning and occasional humor. One of his albums is available on Amazon. I have the rest if you need a copy.

  • Tolake

    Paul, missed the show, because I was working at the Fort Worth Arts Festival, but I had a chance to catch Craig Chaquico (formerly Jefferson Starship)and he was was really amazing.

  • Dwhynott

    Please play something off 80’s German girl group malaria. They had an excellent album called emotion.