The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for February 12, 2012

Last week, Super Bowl. This Week Grammys. Well, I for one am so happy to have you here listening to great music and putting in your 2 cents worth. This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions for future shows. Nothing too long (6+ minutes), too loud or too soft. And please make sure there are no FCC banned words, I try to check all lyrics but sometimes they slip by me.
New to me this week:
Peaking Lights
Brightblack Morning Light
What?Cheer Brigade
Kate Wax
Bobby Rush

Whitney Houston – “You Give Good Love” – Whitney Houston

Vangelis – “Love Theme from Blade Runner” – Vangelis Blade Runner Trilogy

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Shuffle Your Feet” – Howl

Carrie Rodriguez – “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” – Love and Circumstance

Jonathan Richman – “Girlfriend” – Modern Lovers

Nino Rota – “Ecclesiastical Fashion Show (Pt.3)” – Roma

Buena Vista Social Club – “Chan Chan” – Buena Vista Social Club

Tom Waits –“ Singapore” – Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years

Charles Mingus – “Self-Portrait In Three Colors” – Mingus Ah Um

Peaking Lights – “Key Sparrow” – 936

Marvin Gaye – “Got To Give It Up –  Part 1” – Number 1’s

Brightblack Morning Light – “Oppressions Each” – Motion To Rejoin What Cheer?

Brigade – “Gnossienne No. 1” – Classy: Live In Pawtucket

Frank Sinatra – “Dindi” [The Frank Sinatra Collection] – Sinatra/Jobim: The Complete Reprise Recordings

Gina Lollobrigida – “Roma Roma Roma” – Com’è dolce la vita…

Sufjan Stevens – “Romulus” – Michigan

Tennis – “Origins” – Single

Hares on the Mountain – “Cherry Tree” – It Will Only Hurt Forever

Kate Wax – “Beetles & Spider” – Beetles & Spider

Nik Bärtsch’s Mobile – “Modul 20” – AER

Laurie Anderson – “Language is a Virus” – Home Of the Brave

Silver Jews – “Like Like The The The Death” – American Water

Bobby Rush – “Night Fishin’” – Night Fishin’

Soul Coughing – “Bus To Beelzebug” – Ruby Vroom

Pulp – “Mile End” – Different Class / Deluxe Edition

Bell – “It’s Oh So Quiet” – Stereogum Presents… Enjoyed: A Tribute To

Björk’s Post

Faron Young – “Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young” – The Complete

Capitol Hits Of Faron Young

  • Frank Gorman

    Paul, add a 2-hour Downton Abbey and you’ve got your work cut out for you. 🙂

    Couple oldies suggestions for future:

    Bill Withers: “Grandma’s Hands” or “Use Me”
    And for some early 1960s fromage: Trini Lopez from “Live at PJs”: “Unchain My Heart”

    • Anonymous

      thanks for these nice ideas cheers to you !

  • Anonymous

    I am here. Let go . Music suggestions, I want em.

  • Juan

    “Bad Girls” by MIA has been getting lots of play by me. I’m sure many others would like the song as well:

    • Anonymous

      cool, no bad words on it ?

  • Lastangelman

    Love theme from Bladerunner. Very sexy! Did they finally release the soundtrack on CD?

    • Anonymous

      must have, I got this off of as a download.

  • Dimmuborgir5000

    Chris Thomas King-revelations
    Ashbury Heights-Spiders

    • Anonymous

      mini list. excellent !

  • Louisseankirk

    A suggestion/request: “You CAn’t Resist It” by Lyle Lovett

    • Anonymous

      a suggestion i cant resist, thanks

  • cut loose

    serge gainsbourg-Initials BB

    • Anonymous

      oui oui

  • Irl

    diggin the show. hows about some bill frisell?

    • Anonymous

      did you hear that Carrie Rodriguez tune a bit ago? that had BF on it, but I will play some more of his stuff next week.

  • neon cobra

    Good Evening Mr. Slavens. We’ll find better music here than on the Grammys for sure. How about the songs “armchairs” by Andrew Bird off of Armchair Apocrypha, or “heartbeat city” by The Cars off of Heartbeat City? Thanks for the music!

    • Anonymous

      thank you for the nice note and great suggestions

  • Anonymous

    Howdy Paul, thanks for spinning cool music tonight (the Marvin Gaye track was perfect.) A couple of songs for consideration:

    Night Manager – Pizza Pasta

    Battles – Ice Cream Song


    • Anonymous

      groovy as always mark !

  • Jimi Bamschmoozle

    Great show tonight. Loved the Mingus, Tom Waits, Bladerunner track & even the Whitney Houston. I remember back when I was first trying to find jazz stuff that made sense to my adolescent brain…That oh so soulful(also kinda glossy 80’s pop)stuff I’d hear by Kirk Whalum, Bob James, David Sanborn, Chick Corea and Kenny Pore served as my gateway to Stan Kenton, Miles & Mingus. I think I’d kinda dig something from Kenny Pore’s “Sessions Volume One.” I was really partial to Inner City Dreams back then but that might prove too long. As always, should all this seem just not quite right for the show, I trust to your better judgement!

    • Anonymous

      I will do my best to get something on for you. thanks!

  • bellalola

    Einstürzende Neubauten – Was ist ist or Stella Maris
    The Streets – Lets Push Things Forward
    Fabulosos Cadillacs-Matador or Silencio Hospital o Strawberry Fields Forever

    • Anonymous

      Einstruzende!!! yes !

  • Les Connally

    Paul, I follow this guy on twitter. He’s from Lisbon Portugal and a a very eclectic & great taste in music. You’ll like him.

    João M. Nogueira
    lisbon, portugal
    lisboner, ethnographer, technologist, photowalker, cinephile, jazzphile, cover lover, retronaut, linkcaster, coolhunter, traveller, foodie, geek(y), listmaker.

    • Anonymous

      ok, I dont really do the twitter thing but i will see if I can check him out

  • Music Lover in Wisconsin

    Also, love the Interpol you’re currently playing………….

    Thanks again.

  • neon cobra made me think of Geoff Byrd – would love to hear some of him! Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      I havent ever checked it out, thanks for the tip !

  • Miguelito

    “New York, New York” by Carey Mulligan
    (from the soundtrack to the film “Shame”)

    • Anonymous

      never heard of it . super duper !

  • Anonymous

    list !!!
    great thanks

  • Anonymous

    thank you x2

  • Anonymous

    a nice healthy list.
    thanks so much, I will give them due diligence

  • PeterJ

    OK… One more post… You played some Buckethead a couple of weeks ago. How about playing some of the people within in his 6 degrees including Bill Laswell (or his project Praxis) Praxis is Bill Laswell, Buckethead, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Brain, Nextman Flip

    Also, Dead Can Dance are doing a new album and tour this year…

    Dead Can Dance – Rakim

    Praxis – Animal Behavior

  • LAURIE!!! Thank you!! Love her!

  • Two of my favorite artists that I’m not recalling hearing in the last months on the show are Kris Kristofferson and Carly Simon. And I’d suggest her cover of his song “I’ve Got To Have You” from her Anticipation album. That song has great dynamics and phrasing. Tonight’s been really solid and I put off logging on to the computer because it was so nice just sitting on the couch and listening.

    • Anonymous

      not sure if I have ever played any Carly
      I havent spun KK in a while, thanks

  • Andrew

    Thanks for playing Gina Lollobrigida….
    Here are few suggestions for next Sunday’s show:

    Lisa Hannigan – “Knots”

    Now, Now – “School Friends”

    The National – “Anyone’s Ghost”

    Black Bananas – “Radtimes”

    Jessie Baylin – “Hurry Hurry ”

    • Anonymous

      super duper list! thanks so much!

  • Mozililla33

    Marianne Faithfull – Who will take my dreams away
    Gus Gus- Gun

    • Anonymous

      I love Marianne, thanks

  • Anonymous

    Bobby Rush plus one.

  • newbie

    sorry, new to this…there was a brass band played right before a frank sinatra track earlier, how can i find who that was and the title of the track..thanks

    • Anonymous

      it was Gnossiene #1 as done by a Providence RI band called the What? Cheer Brigade.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! i was wondering about that, so i didnt post it!

  • Anonymous

    ok, cool, I never heard of this, thats what i like!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all the suggestions everybody, so wonderful to have you all along, its gonna be a groovy show next week!