The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for May 9, 2010

  • $|_!X


    Suggestions you say? How about some of these tracks:

    VNV Nation – “Distant (Rubicon II)” (Empires) [ ]

    Beborn Beton – “Sleeping Beauty” (Nightfall) [ ] //Suggested this a while ago, but never heard it.

    Assemblage 23 – “Lullaby” (Defiance) [

    • Paul Slavens

      Thanks for the suggestions as always
      I went looking for that Beborn, but there were no MP3 downloads
      sorry, cant afford to buy full recordings very often

  • tim

    Dream Syndicate.. Days of wine and roses

  • Francois

    Hey Paul, sup?
    How about some Jean Michel Jarre music ? Quite cool. One of his famous albums is named “Oxygen”

    • Paul Slavens

      nice to hear from you again my friend

  • Pamitha

    I know you have honored the great R.L. Burnside, but have you ever played any Junior Kimbrough? T-model Ford? Paul “Wine” Jones? Man, I love me some blues.

    • Paul Slavens

      I have not
      but I will do my best to remedy that next week
      thanks a bunch

  • Lee Higginbotham

    Ben Higginbotham is a student at Booker T. Washington HS for the Performing & Visual Arts. He got to meet Norah Jones at midnight this week. Former student meets current student. See if his original tunes meet your liking.

    • Paul Slavens

      where would I find said music
      preferably free : )

    • Lee Higginbotham
      I assume that you can pull it off, I don’t know for sure. If not, go to facebook, look for Ben Higginbotham Music, click on TRACKS, and the songs are up on SoundCloud here. Let me know if you have difficulty.

      FYI, there are three other BTW students that have co-written songs with Carrie Pierce of Jackopierce who have tunes up on iTunes. I can get these for you when Ben is back from the Ben Folds concert this evening.

  • PeterJ

    The poem that is recited in the midst of these house/hip-hop beats makes this DJ Shadow track from the 2 cd deluxe edition from 2005 (orig record circa 1995) 5 minutes of genius.

    The beats are reminicent of The Art of Noise (Loved the Below the Waste recording) and the poem moves me everytime I hear it.

    Also, you get bonus points if you can guess what 70s pop song is sampled around minutes 3 and 4 on this track.
    DJ Shadow: Midnight in a Perfect World (Gab Mix) [as in Gift of Gab]

    • Paul Slavens

      I will be checkin it out

  • PeterJ

    Hey Paul… The only complaint on the show is it is only 2 hours… Maybe in the June pledge drive for KXT you can do a 3 or 4 hours pledge drive Extravaganza! edition of the Slavens show. That would be amazing!

    • Paul Slavens

      you are too kind.
      stranger things have happened, maybe it will come to pass

  • jobo mojo

    diggin it my friend

  • Allan Hayslip

    Hi Paul, just another hinty-hint: the only cd you have in your stack that’s replete with performances by Gerald Iragorri, Ed McMahon, Paul Williams, Chad Stockslager, Gregg Prickett, Jonathan Lacey, Colin Boyd and…um…me…

    • Paul Slavens

      just got it dumped to the compu this weekend
      I will be checkin it, no dirty words right?

    • Allan Hayslip

      no dirty words

  • Allan Hayslip

    …and something from Doug Neil’s record, Gravitylab…

  • Allan Hayslip

    …oh and FYI my niece Tiger Darrow is one of the “Booker Three” students that did the stuff with Carey Pierce. The song is called “Only A Year” and it’s on iTunes.

    • Allan Hayslip

      I can send you a copy, or a link to a (free) downloadable copy if need be

  • http://KXT Will Person


    Listening from Austin.
    Great show, nice tunes, selection. You’ ever hear of a band from the 80s called Winter Hours with a tune called Hyacinth Girl ? I think they played at the Video Bar with the Godfathers around the same time as Jellyfish in 88-89 ?

    Love the show, you da man. Sir.

    • Paul Slavens

      Bouffant Jellyfish ?

      I do seem to remember a band called Winter Hours
      I will poke around and see if I can locate some

  • Cliff

    Mmmm, The Fall.

    Here’s a gem I discovered not too long ago: The Moon and the Melodies, by Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd. Somehow this one escaped my radar for many years. Track 4, “Eyes are Mosaics”, features some of Elizabeth Fraser’s most unearthly singing.

    • Paul Slavens

      thanks man
      I will check it out fo sho

  • Paul Slavens

    thanks everybody for the suggestions
    see you here next sunday night

  • Kyle

    Hey Paul, been listening for awhile man and you’ve brought some great stuff to my attention. I gave ear to a local group called Royal Nightingales recently. A friend of mine is in the band so I politely listened, but I genuinely like their stuff.

    Check them out if you find time. or