The Paul Slavens Show: Live blog for February 7,2010

Happy SuperBowl Night! Ok football lovers, lets listen to some great music!
This is where you can lend your suggestions for new music and musicians, and also remind us of older stuff that you think would be a good listen. Also polite comments are welcome.
Leave a link to where music can be purchased if you can.
new to me this week:
Luiz Bonfa
The Swell Season
Panic Buttons

Inara George “Where to Go” Accidental Experimental

Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido “Escribeme Pronto” Pinata

Hoagy Carmichael “Skylark” Hoagy Sings Carmichael


The Fantasticks “They Were You” The Fantastics

Lou Reed “Sick of You” New York

Oscar Castro Neves & Lalo Schifrin & Luiz Bonfa “Bossa Nova Cha Cha”

Composer Of Black Orpheus Plays And Sings Bossa Nova

Sparklehorse “Getting It Wrong” Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly

Of A Mountain


Midlake “Acts Of Man” The Courage Of Others

Holger Czukay “Mellow Out” Canaxis

Andrews Sisters & Ernest Tubb “I’m Bitin’ My Fingernails, etc”

originally Decca 24592

Peaches “Boys Wanna Be Her” Impeach My Bush


Joni Mitchell “The Wolf That Lives In Lindsey” Mingus

Spirit “I Got A Line On You” The Family That Plays Together

Geeshie Wiley “Last Kind Words” Mississippi Masters: Early American

Blues Classics 1927 – 35




Bob Dylan “Man Gave Names To All The Animals” Slow Train Coming

Sleep Whale “Green Echo” Houseboat

Emiliana Torrini “Me And Armini (Simone Lombardi Mix)” Me And Armini EP


Telegraph Canyon “Quiet Assurance” Telegraph Canyon

School of Seven Bells “Iamundernodisguise” Alpinisms

Fishbone “Housework” The Reality Of My Surroundings


Martha Wainwright “Bleeding All Over You” I Know You’re Married But

Ive Got Feelings Too

Carla Bley “Walking Batteriewoman” Social Studies

Blind Willie Johnson “John the Revelator” The Soul of a Man


The Swell Season “Feeling The Pull” Strict Joy

“Ensemble New Art, George Crumb, Ensemble New Art, Fuat Kent” Quest –

II. Fugitive Sounds “CRUMB: Songs, Drones and Refrains of Death / Quest”

Cibo Matto “Beef Jerky” Pom Pom: The Essential Cibo Matto

Iris DeMent “Hotter Than Mojave in My Heart” Infamous Angel

Panic Buttons “O Wow” Philadelphia Roots

  • Knock Knock
    anybody there ?
    lets here some chatter !

    • Jack Bullion

      Hi Paul, I have never heard Jack Bruces first album after Cream`s breakup on the radio. It is called Songs For A Tailor. Jack explores some of the most unique song formulas here. The most gentle is To Isnegard. but every song to me on the album is great even after 20 or so years, I hope yopu will consider playing this landmark album.

  • Mike W

    Hey P, I’m here with you! They reported earlier on NPR that the ball is actually in play during a football game for 11 minutes. Man, 3 hours for 11 minutes of action, I’ve got better ways to spend my time.

    • Mr. Happy

      Bob Eucker once called Baseball 4 minutes of action packed into 4 and a half hours.

  • chip

    hey Paul, I lost track of time but you’re on now

  • Mr. Happy

    I’m here. This track sounds like Ween’s Demon Sweat.

  • chip

    New one for me you might like: Melanie Penn, first CD released in January. Just got it this week and can’t stop listening to it.

    Quite a voice. “A Star’s Lament” is a good one.

    • ok
      it will be checked

  • $|_!X

    Hey Paul! It’s awful quiet in here, isn’t it? Everyone seems to be watching the ads right now. Anyway, did you get a chance to look at that suggestion I made about two weeks ago? It was Beborn Beton with “Sleeping Beauty”, in case you forgot about it. Love the show, as always, and hopefully we don’t run into any transmitter problems this time around. Thanks in advance.

    • just got it today
      will check it out and spin some next week

    • Paul Slavens

      thought I got a download but it didnt work

  • chip

    Ernest Tubbs? Nice!

  • chip


    • I applaud your Tubbian enthusiam

  • Mr. Happy

    What was the pay scale for the wolves on that last track?

  • Mr. Happy

    Would you play something by Blind Lemon Jefferson?

    • next week sure
      tonite I will be playing Blind Wille Johnson
      does the blues make you go blind?

  • (Corrected; please replace by immediately-previous post with this one).


    Loved the “Sick of You” by Lou Reed earlier.

    I couldn’t find the station on my radio for most of the show last week but I was able to catch it for a little while at the end – long enough to hear you play my requested “Long Black Veil” – thanks; I thought it worthwhile.

    Confession: I’ve never heard many of the songs I “recommend”/request for this show; I figure you’ll weed out the duds, no? This way you expose me to music I wouldn’t otherwise take a chance on buying.

    But now for one I have heard: in keeping with your “beautiful music” theme (remember that old station, KWXI or “kwixie”, that used to broadcast around here and which my parents used to listen to? It wasn’t all crap) from a couple of weeks ago, I was recently reminded of another that fits the bill: “Not Lonely” by Eliza Gilkyson (you can hear a snippet of it and buy it from here: I find her to be an underappreciated borderline folk-rock near-genius.

    Saints win!

    Anyway, good to hear you in full again.

  • aha !
    I do a good bit of weeding but try to be very openminded
    thanks for any and all suggestions

  • okayapril

    Hey! Love the show tonight! Actually NEVER heard this Dylan song before….! How bout playing Laughing With by Regina Spektor…..?

  • chipg

    Do you plan to post playlists afterwards anymore, or is that a thing of the past? Kinda miss that.

  • the playlist is supposed to appear at the top of the blog AFTER the show
    we are not allowed to post it before anymore

    • chip

      Oh, now I see it there from last week. I know it’s only after now but sometimes it seems like I checked Monday morning and it wasn’t there.

  • okayapril

    btw, thank you for making my radio life atronomically better. I discovered this station only 3 weeks ago!!

  • I notice that the blog from last week’s show doesn’t show up if you click on “Paul Slavens” on the left menu at Art & Seek, but if you search the blogs for “Paul Slavens” (i.e. using search feature in the banner at the top), it shows up. I think it may have something to do with the tagging of the blog entry.

    Just trying to help. Carry on.

    • Hey Ed,
      Thanks for the heads up! I’ll take a look and see if we can’t get that fixed.

  • dan

    Hey Paul,
    With all the buzz around Stephen Bruton, how about playing one of his songs, Bigger Wheel?

  • Lawrence Sutherland

    Ooh, ooh, Mr Kotter! Could you please play “Hammond Song” by the Colourfield (with Terry Hall)?

  • I noticed that search problem earlier myself

    thanks for the suggestions
    I will get on it for next time

    • Computers are billed as being all about making things more automatic and, as is technology in general, making life easier and more convenient, but the web seems to put the burden of a lot of tedious detail onto content providers such that it’s very likely things will slip through the cracks.

  • dan

    My mistake, the song by Stephen Bruton is called White Flag.

  • Paul,

    How about “Mona Lisa” off of James Hand’s latest recording Shadow on the Ground? You can buy the album here:, and individual tracks at Amazon:

    I bring Mr. Hand to your attention especially because he’s apparently from central Texas. His latest work was reviewed quite positively on Fresh Air with Terry Gross recently, with “Mona Lisa” being featured in particular – an inventive and catchy twist on the original.


  • I’m really enjoying the eclecticism of tonight’s show.

  • chip

    This blues song brings to mind of Johnny Cash’s “The Man Comes Around” from American Songs IV.

  • Petiedons

    I was diggin’ the Fishbone. How about sumthin’ for the Saints?

  • chip

    good show, thanks!

  • Blake

    Hey Paul,

    I’m a new listener and digging the diversity of your show,,thank you!

    I recently had the opportunity to catch Po’ Girl in a House Concert setting. You being a multi-talented musician, I’m assuming you’ve heard of them. If you haven’t,,,I highly recommend. Soulful, gypsy, folkie multi-instrumentalists with a lovely full harmonic sound.

    They just started their “No Shame Tour” 2010. They will be raising money to benefit the National Children’s Alliance in the USA and Little Warriors in Canada.

    Alli, a striking feature in the band, is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and is using her past misfortune and music to increase awareness and dialogue about the endemic issue of child abuse in North America. Po’ Girl has offered Alli’s song “No Shame” free to download and share at their website There are also opportunities to donate and support the cause. Whoever is interested please take more time to look into the story on their website.

    Please play this song and tell a little bit about it if you can. This is an important message.

    Sincere Thanks,,


  • Jack Bullion

    Hi Paul, I have never heard Jack Bruces first album after Cream`s breakup on the radio. It is called Songs For A Tailor. Jack explores some of the most unique song formulas here. The most gentle is To Isnegard. but every song to me on the album is great even after 20 or so years, I hope you will consider playing this landmark album.

    • Paul Slavens

      sorry its not available as individual download