The Paul Slavens Show: February 28, 2010 – LIVE BLOG

Hey Hey Hey,
It’s Sunday night, time for some cool music!
This is where you can leave your polite comments and wonderful suggestions for music, new, old, strange and familiar.

New to me this week:
Field Music
Kashmere Stage band
Poncho Sanchez


Maxine Sullivan “Ac-Cent-Uate the Positive” The Very Best Of Maxine Sullivan

The Notwist “Propeller 9” Neon Golden

Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston “First Day at Work” It’s Spooky

Kurt Weill Ensemble Modern “Kanonensong” Die Dreigroschenoer CD 1


Field Music “Choosing Numbers” Field Music (Measure)

Kashmere Stage Band “Scorpio” Cold Heat

Antsy Pantsy “Vampire” Juno Original Soundtrack

The Alan Parsons Project “To One in Paradise” Tales of Mystery and Imagination-Edgar Allan Poe


Poncho Sanchez “A Night in Tunisia” The Concord Jazz Heritage Series

Fiona Apple “Waltz (Better Than Fine)” Extraordinary Machine

Secret Chiefs “Assassin’s Blade” The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend


Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis “Caldonia” Two Men With the Blues

Stereolab “Motoroller Scalatron” Emperor Tomato Ketchup

Duke Ellington “East St. Louis Toodle-oo” CD 1: The Jungle Band


Nico “These Days” Chelsea Girl

LCD Soundsystem “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” LCD Soundsystem CD 1

Estrella Morente “Tangos de Pepico” Mi Cante Y Un Poema


Nervous Curtains “White Van Scam” Out of Sync with Time

Gene Pitney “24 Hours From Tulsa” The Very Best of Gene Pitney

Magnetic Fields “It’s a Crime” 69 Love Songs


Funkadelic “Back in Our Minds” Maggot Brain

PJ Harvey “Send His Love to Me” To Bring You My Love

Herb Albert “Spanish Flea” Greatest Hits Album

Flaming Lips “The Spiderbite Song” The Soft Bulletin


Beck “Broken Drum” Guero

Kate Bush “An Architect’s Dream” Aerial

Mark Mothersbaugh “Let Me Tell You About My Boat” The Life Aquatic Soundtrack

  • Let have some fun.
    Gimme suggestions folks.
    I love to get turned onto unknown treasures.

    • kathleen lyncj

      How about some Michael Franks – popsicle toes – or some Willis Allen Ramsey?

    • Diane Dillard

      I don’t have any suggestions but I loved the Willie Nelson jazz tune.

  • Stephen Douglas

    Thanks for playing Richard and the buddies requests. You are the greatest!

    All I can say is he likes ELO, Jason Falkner, Jellyfish and many more I have requested in the past.

    That is all, and thanks again!


    • I do my best, some of his suggestions are a bit too long
      I will get that Smile track on next week
      I couldnt find my copy, but I have it.
      send my good wishes to all the boys

  • Kirsten

    Greetings Paul,

    How about some Henry Clay People? A great LA band with a bass player that hails from Texas.

    Peace & grease,

  • Stephen Douglas

    Paul, if you would be so kind as to reply. I’m not sure you’re getting any of the posts I’ve made (at least 4 now), since you reply to others but not mine. Are we cool? Am I doing something wrong here?

    Help me out. Are you seeing my posts?


    • I am seeing this one
      are you seeing me?
      I have not been ignoring you at all
      I have been looking into some of the suggestions you sent
      but some have been too long.

  • I posted this in as a comment in your status a few weeks ago when you simply posted the word “orange”, because the back-up singers go through the colors.
    It’s called “Go For Blue”, and it’s by Pepe Deluxe, from their album Spare Time Machine.

    And here is the song “Girl!” from their album Beatitude.

    Here are the albums on iTunes:

  • Cassandra

    Ok so that Wyclef Jean song featuring Paul Simon was “Fast Car”

    The “Wedding Bells” rendition I played for you was done by Lissie

    Check out Nightmares on Wax “195 lbs.”

    By the way you just did a really cool transition between that kind of jazzy song and what sounds like Fiona Apple

    • coolio
      I will be all over this stuff next week
      thanks so much, great to have you listening

  • Cindy Chaffin

    This show hella rocks!

  • Cindy Chaffin

    This Willie/Wynton is so fine and fabby I might have to get all jiggy wit’it….

  • I’d also think you should check out a Japanese band called Luminous Orange. My favorite album by them is called Drop You Vivid Colours. The two songs I would suggest you look into for playing on the show would be “How High” and “Utatane No Hibi (L’ecume des Jours)”.

  • Chris

    Monkeybacon on facebook checkem out. Just saw the Givers lastnight at rubergloves I realy liked them.

    • ok cool, I will check it out
      and thanks steveok for the suggestions
      it helps

  • Stephen Douglas


    So cool! I am seeing your comments now just when you are playing my favorite Nico track: here rendition of her protegé, Jackson Brown’s These Days. It doesn’t get much better than this!

    I’ll relay your comments about some of the requests being too long to the boys and see what they come up with in future shows.

    Thanks again,

  • Chris

    Check out Monkeybacon on facebook. Last night I saw a band called the Givers at Rubber Glovves I really liked them.

  • Abe

    Paul, check out this guy from San Francisco.

    It’s kind of a blend of post-rock and electronic music.
    Maybe imagine DJ Shadow cutting up songs by Explosions in the Sky or something like that.

    He’s playing at Nx35 plus a string of shows along the way and he’s just released a new album.
    You can preview the new album here and download if you like.
    I think it’s worth checking out.


  • Cindy Chaffin

    Sean Kirkpatrick + Nervous Curtains = Loooooove…

  • Abe

    Yes, to Nervous Curtains. That is a fantastic album!

  • Ian


    Could you play your favorite track off of OK Computer.


  • marsha

    Think you will really like this tune “In the Town” by the band SawFistTree featuring a local Richardson High grad.

  • $|_!X

    Hey Paul!

    Just heard you play LCD Soundsystem’s “Daft Punk is Playing At My House” on the show. I just happened to have first heard that track as a remix from the group Soulwax as part of the soundtrack for the game “Burnout: Revenge”, which happens to be one of my favorite games for the Xbox. The soundtrack contains a very aggressive mix of rock and metal that’s well-suited for a game who’s main objective
    is to barrel down the road at high speeds with absolutely no regard for the rules of the road. Maybe you can dig though that and find something interesting from that disc.

    Track listing (includes tracks from Burnout: Legends and Burnout: Revenge):

    Game info for those who are interested:

    Love the show, as always.

    – L8+R

    • $|_!X

      EDIT: Forgot to mention that some of those tracks contain explicit lyrics as denoted by an asterisk “*” in the referenced wiki. Sorry!

      /please don’t ban me.

  • Regan


    • been a while since I have played them
      I will look to see if there is something new
      or else i will play some old stuff

  • thanks a lot everybody
    hope to see you next week
    thanks for all the great suggestions

  • marsha

    Think you will like this tune “In the Town” by the band SawFistTree featuring a local grad of Richardson High

  • Chris

    I meant to say Monkeybacon on iLike which is on face book. He’s also on garageband.