The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for January 17, 2010

Hey there everybody
Welcome, got some great music tonight.
This is where you can make your polite suggestions and comments. Leave a link to where we can find your song suggestions online.
New to me this week:
Don Byron
Zero 7
The Polyamorous Affair
tune Yards
Oscar D’leon

Liz Durrett “All the Spokes” The Mezzanine

Edwyn Collins “A Girl Like You” A Casual Introduction 1981/2001 –

The Best of Edwyn Collins and Orange Juice

The American Analog Set “I Must Soon Quit the Scene” The Golden Band


Woody Guthrie “House of the Rising Sun” Woody Guthrie – This Machine

Kills Fascists

The Polyamorous Affair “Babayaga” The Polyamorous Affair

Pat Boone “Moody River” 20th Century Masters: The Millennium

Collection: Best Of Pat Boone


Anita O’Day “Sweet Georgia Brown” Anita O’Day: Finest Hour

Animal Collective “Sweet Road” Sung Tongs

Don Byron “Powerhouse” Bug Music

Eddie Bo “Baby I’m Wise” Check Mr. Popeye


Mahalia Jackson“Didn’t It Rain” Mahalia Jackson Live At Newport


Pacifica Quartet “String Quartet No. 5: IV.” Allegro energico

“Carter, E.: String Quartets Nos. 1 And 5 (Pacifica Quartet)”

Zero 7 “Ghost sYMbOL” Yeah Ghost

Doug Neil “Like the Kids” Gravitylab

_____________________ _____________________

Paul Butterfield Blues Band “Trainman” Sometimes I Just Feel Like


Tune-Yards “Little Tiger” Bird-Brains

Oscar D’León “Lloraras” 15 Exitos De- Oscar D Leon


Slack Truth And Fiction The Deep End

Meredith Monk [Voice] Wheel Do You Be

Mos Def Pistola The Ecstatic


Lali Puna “Faking the Books” Faking the Books

Bush Chemist “East Of Jaro” Dub Anthology

Ray Price “For The Good Times” Essential – (Disc 2)


Reed Easterwood “Lolita Lorene” Double Eagle

Sviatoslav Richter “Etudes symphoniques, Op. 13- 11. Variation post.

V” Schumann

Tom Lehrer “I hold your hand in mine” Songs by Tom Lehrer

M. Ward “Chinese Translation” Post-War

  • Dennis

    Yay!!! Another Sunday show underway!

  • Stephen Douglas


    This is Richard’s friend, one of your most fervent listeners. Let me just pass this on. His request for this week is: Eloquence by Jason Falkner from his “Can You Still Feel” album.

    He also wanted to answer your question from 2 weeks ago. When you played a song called Me and My Arrow and asked listeners where it was used as a jingle. Richard remembers it being used for the Plymoth Arrow car in the late 70s or early 80s.

    Thanks, Paul!

    • I have misplaced his most recent requests
      glad to have this one
      I will look into it for him
      thanks as always

    • Is that the same Jason Falkner from the band Jellyfish?

  • OOPS !!!
    Started out with the wrong track, Oh well, luckily its all good music tonite.
    Lets hear some suggestions

  • I found out about this band, Plone, through a Reese’s Peanutbutter Cup commercial. I would whistle along to their song “Plaything” every time the commercial would come on, and it would drive me insane because I had no idea who it was. After an hour of googling I was able to identify this song, which only appeared on a compilation of electronica artists. Luckily it was on youtube with a download link:
    I love this song.

  • Off to a good start. Giant headache tonight so don’t play things I sould have to crank up to 11

  • Stephen Douglas
  • Diane Brantley


    How about Robin Trower’s Bridge of Sighs or something from the Alan Parson’s Project and no Alyce in Chains for Bill K.


  • Diane Brantley

    Bill K said he had a giant headache and not to play anything he had to crak up to 11.

  • Dan

    Great set Paul, as usual. A few humble requests:

    “Baal’s Hymn” as sung by David Bowie
    “Mars: Bringer of War” performed by Emerson, Lake and Powell (that’s right, Gustav Holst)
    and anything by James Brown and/or Willie Dixon

    • ELP
      I will see how long it is

      thanks for the suggestions, these are all probably doable

  • Harold

    Hey Paul,

    How about something from Peter Schmidt. Impala by Funland or even better if you have any Three on a Hill.

    Thanks Harold

    • I may have to pull out some old boxes of tapes to find any 3 on hill
      I will see if I can locate some PSchmidt

  • That strings track you just played sounded like something from John Zorn’s album Magick, only slightly less evil.

    Have you heard of Rich Woodson’s Ellipsis? They’ve put out two albums, and I’ve been digging the first one, Control and Resistance. You have to love an album whose review on compares it to Zappa’s Jazz From Hell:
    Here’s where you can buy it:

    • I am looking forward to checking this out

  • Dave Harding

    Thanks for the Zero 7 – they did a great job of mixin in Theme for a Big Green Van From Up n Smoke, on this song,crosses_7.htm

    Also thanks for the Doug Neil, he was kind enough to send me his latest CD Gravity Lab …and I can’t take it out of my car stereo.

    How bout some Joe Venutti? that’s fun n different but not too.

  • Jim Daniel

    Hey Paul, sorry I’m a bit late today. Just drove back from South Padre Island (brother’s wedding). We were able to get reception for the station (about 30 mins south of Waxahachie) just in time for your show. Don’t have anything for you this week, but wanted to let you know that you welcomed me and my wife back into town.

    Great selection tonight!

  • $L!X

    Hey, Paul!

    I just have one little request for next week:

    “Above And Beyond – Good For Me (featuring Zoe Johnston)”: Every time I hear this track, my mind just shuts off, and I find myself just moving gracefully trough a moment of auditory bliss without a single care in the world.

    [From the Album “Tri-State”: ]

    Can you play this track? Thanks!


  • Russ

    Thanx for “Good Times!” Great song and so well done.

  • Suzy

    Thanks for playing the Pat Boone

  • Kelly H

    Reed Easterwood in a block with Ray Price. You have a nice knack, sir.

  • thanks everyone
    see you again next week

  • Kerri

    Hi Paul,

    I would like to email you a couple of tracks from my good friend Will Jacobs. He’s a great musician. They are in an mp3 format. What email can I send them to?

    Thanks, Kerri