The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for Dec. 13, 2009

Hi folks,
This is where you can make suggestions for music and artists you would like to hear on this program.
Your polite comments are always welcome.
If you can provide a link to music you suggest, that is always helpful.
It’s Frank Zappa night, with a sprinkling of my hero throughout the night. December is the month of FZ’s birth and death.

Here’s the Dec. 13 setlist:

Billie Holiday, “Crazy He Calls Me,” Original Decca Masters
VU, “Stephany Says,” VU
Kings of Convenience, “Know How,” Riot on an Empty Street


Colman Hawkins, “I Ain’t Got Nobody,” CH Vol. I
The Clientele, “Harvest Time,” Bonfires on the Heath
Zappa, “Naval Aviation in Art,” Lather
Laura Nyro, “Elis Coming,” Eli and the 13th Confession


Andrew Bird, Fits and Dizzy Spells,” Noble Beast
Lenny Breau, “Indian Love Song,” Wonder Kid
St. Vincent, “Marry Me,” Marry Me


Jacques Dutronc, “La Seine,” L’essential
Deerhoof, “Lemon and Little Lemon,” The Runners Four
Zappa, “Sleep Dirt,” Sleep Dirt
Bill Monroe, “Sittin’ on Top of the World,” Anthology
Jackson 5, “Never Can Say Goodbye,” Greatest Hits


Zappa, “Uncle Meat/Dog Breath Var,” The Yellow Shark
Laid Back, “Ride the White Horse,” Phat Tracks: Bestofoldschool 5
Robert Johnson, Ramblin’ on My Mind,” King of the Delta Blues Singers


Sleep Whale, “Cotton Curls,” Gutterth Compilation
Sabra Laval, “Can’t Tell Why,” Gutterth Compilation
Burnt Sienna Trio, “Thousandair,” Gutterth Compilation
Nervous Curtains, “All Yesterday’s Parties,” Gutterth Compilation


Daniel Johnston, “It’s Over,” Hi, How Are You?
Stereo Total, “Liebe Zu Dritt,” Musique Automatique
Art Tatum, “Tea for Two,” Tea for Two
Frank  Zappa, “Lemme Take Uou to the Beach,” Studio Tan
Ken Nordine, “White,” Colors


Solex, “Hot Diggity Dog Run Run Run,” The Laughing Stock of Indie Rock
Steve Reich, “Variations for Vbs,Pno,Str,” Daniel Variations
Fever Ray, “Dry and Dusty,” Fever Ray

  • Lets go !
    I need fresh music suggestions !

  • Leslie

    Anything from the lovely St. Vincent.

    • coming right up
      you lucked out, I already picked some for tonite

  • Diane Brantley

    Good Evening!

    How about “Ball of Confusion” by the Temptations?

    • I got that at home
      I will get it on next week

  • thomas

    I don’t know how well-known they are but a friend got me an album by The Woods that I fell in love with. You should look into playing the song “Be Still” on the air.

    • I will find it if possible and give it a listen

  • Natalie DeBruin

    Some Neutral Milk Hotel or Fleet Foxes would be nice!

    Or, if you havent listened to him before…Ludovico Einaudi. His song “I Giorni” is probably my favorite song of all time.

  • Kelly

    How about “I Don’t Want to Get Over You” by the Magnetic Fields, please and thank you.

    • I am pretty sure I have this one at home

  • Russ

    Nice to meet you last night. Would have missed it but for your FB post. The singer I was trying to think of was Diana Krall. Thought one of her songs would be good to wind down with at the end. Pretty mellow, maybe too mellow, maybe too pop too.

    Still like “Gold” from the movie “Once.” Musically interesting, great romantic lyrics. This one is not a solo or duet, but a group of people and instruments. They’re thinking of a sequel to “Once” but are stuck on a title.

    • nice to meet you too
      I havent played any music by Diana in a long time
      I will find something good

  • Cyndi

    I’d love to hear Andrew Katz from NYC. I bought his album when he stopped in Dallas on the Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players tour about 5 years ago.
    “Heavyweight Champion of Pamela Court” is my favorite, but this copy of “Bury Me Not” from the Art Star Sounds compilation is keen as well.

    • excellent and thanks for the link

  • Stephen Becker

    I agree with Russ – Anything from the Once soundtrack is always welcome, particularly “When Your Mind’s Made Up” and “If You Want Me.”
    Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to get the new Swell Season album…

  • Some song from the first world list. We in Dallas need to talk more about what is innovative. It doesn’t do much good to just spotlight local music that is generic, safe, and an imitation of NYC or LA, or London, or even Austin. Dallas has the newest developments in music with post bands music , the big list, and so much more. We are leading the world. No time to be musical cowards, or just so myopic we don’t see what’s happening in our own backyard, when what’s exciting is happening here. Help me spotlight the very best from Dallas, PLUS the first list of the entire world . Dallas conservatives are definitely opposed to everything listed here – let’s stand up to the status quo with some excitement, fun, and change.
    Time for music to be this century new, not last century old.
    “100 Plus Favorite Music from Youtube and Myspace”
    The internet is the world’s first worldwide JUKEBOX
    And this is the first worldwide best music list from that jukebox.

  • Lawrence Sutherland

    If you would, something by Shiva In Exile. I just bought their album and it’s pretty good!

    • never heard of them
      perfect !

  • Cyndi

    @Tom H- I don’t think music has to be innovative to be good.
    We’re all inspired by different things- this show is all about hearing good music that you may or may not have heard of before.

    You should suggest a particular song or two that you feel would inspire us.

  • Mike

    1. Duchess and Duke
    2. The Replacements
    3. Tapes n Tapes
    4. The Hold Steady
    5. Atmosphere

  • sinevil

    Death(the detroit punk band)
    delia derbyshire
    pauline olieveras
    the pogues
    supper is ready(genesis)
    pretty vacant(sex pistols)
    war dance (killing joke)
    death disco(public image ltd)
    long distance love(little feat)
    talking heads(the great curve) from remain in light